Peeler for Potato Vegetable Orange

Heavy Duty Double Sided Dual Purpose Non Slip Grip Apple Fruit Y Peeler with Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Straight and Serrated Blades, Dishwasher Safe

  • MULTIPURPOSE WITH DUAL BLADES DESIGN. Our vegetable peelers feature two durable, razor-sharp blades with multi uses: straight blade for peeling and serrated blade for julienne.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH NON-SLIP HANDLE. With wide build for easy use and TPR rubber grip for extra safe hold. Ideal for left and right hand users, even those with arthritic hands.
  • WITH RIDGED BLADES AND POTATO EYE REMOVER. Create veggie strips for garnish and pasta toppings or use as a citrus peeler. Built-in potato eye remover carves out blemishes.
  • FOR HOME KITCHEN & PROFESSIONAL USE. Made of top-grade rust free stainless steel metal perfect for food preparation and cooking. Great for home cooks and chefs.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL OCCASIONS. All LÖFFEL Products have new, prime designs making them the best gifts for any season and kitchen aid must-haves for your family and friends!

This amazing multifunctional palm held with rubber grip LÖFFEL Potato and Vegetable Skin Peeler has a combo of uses including a citrus peeler and potato corer attachment and proves invaluable for left or right handed users, adults and elderly with arthritis, bartender, home cook, amateur and professional chef

LÖFFEL peeler has double edge blades making it a great kitchen aide for those needing a gadget for quick aid and speed in cooking as it works better than the old fashioned, traditional swivel peeler which usually has its blade on just one side. Removes eyes from potatoes and even pineapple!

LÖFFEL Best Countertop Peelers also has a large, wider handle with ergonomic silicone rubber non slip grips making it safer and easier to use, even for kids. Helps avoid finger and hand cutting incidents in the kitchen and food prep area. No fancy, over decorative design and not hard to use.

This heavy duty home and commercial peeler can be used to peel thick, rough fruits and vegetables like potato, sweet potato, asparagus, carrot, radish, squash, zucchini, eggplant, papaya, peach, avocado, green mango, melon, cantaloupe, even watermelon!

Works great on tomato skin, grape, lime, kiwi, cucumber, onion, ginger, cheese, butternut squash, grapefruit, lemon, orange and a whole lot more!

The serrated blade and julienne peeler is used for peeling waxy, slippery fruit like apple, pear, plum, and peaches. The ultra-sharp jagged blades can also be used as stripper, scraper, shredder, and grater for fresh, boiled, or roasted corn on a cob. No need for an expensive french manual or motorized mandolin slicer!

Absolutely the best heavy duty pelador de papas for sale in Amazon now! Originally designed in the USA.

Comes in cool, stylish combination of black and gray color.

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