Premium Pizza Cutter with Wheel Slicer

Premium Pizza Cutter with Wheel Slicer

  • DURABLE NONSTICK HIGH QUALITY BLADE – Made of premium, ultra sharp stainless steel metal for smooth cutting and sliding without cheese and toppings sticking all over the blade.
  • ERGONOMIC ANTI-SLIP HANDLE – Our pizza cutter wheel is designed with rubberized non-slip grips for safe and comfortable use, with plastic blade cover protector for added safety.
  • A KITCHEN MUST HAVE! – This round pizza knife works like any professional kitchen tool with just the right size, grip, and weight to cut and slice through large and small pizzas!
  • DISHWASHER SAFE – Easy disassembly for trouble-free cleaning! Easy to wash, a quick rinse is all you need before putting them in the dishwasher with your other kitchen utensils!
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION – This cool, novelty multi use portable handheld item has a unique style best as a present for any home cook, family, friend, amateur or professional chef.

LÖFFEL Pizza Cutter Wheel Slicers can serve as invaluable tools and accessories in your epicurean kitchen and have various uses other than slicing big or small pizzas. They are convenient to handle and has a non slip ergonomic grip, efficient and can be a good alternative for kitchen scissors and knives! Even gourmet chefs and home cooks everywhere would surely love this multi-purpose, durable cutter! Add it to your restaurant and kitchen tools and equipment! Easy to clean and reasonably priced.

This quality large pizza wheel with a 4 Inch blade can easily slice through thick and thin pizza crust, pastry, pies, pie crusts, dough, sandwiches, homemade noodles, brownies, pancakes, vegetables, fruits, and can even be used as a dough and cookie cutter!

Use it on a plate made out of wood or wooden serving slate or board. Also great on a copper pizza board, ceramic pizza stone or even right on the pizza box! Do not let the kids play with it, It’s very sharp!!!

The custom, red and gray colored hand-held design provides the user leverage and control for trouble-free slicing. The rolling motion cuts through the crust without creating a mess ready to put on your favorite pizza server tray. It is non stick too!

Stay away from the usual small and mini pan pizza cutters that are funny looking. Women love it! Your kids can have fun while using it too. But be careful, always guide and watch over them since the easy turning blade is really sharp! The whole family can enjoy the light weight pizza dough roller!

Don’t settle for cheap aesthetically pleasing bike or bicycle pizza cutters! We are not the pioneer, but we certainly do our best to improve the pizza cutter design for professional, industrial, and commercial use! One of the best pizza cutter that you would ever buy on Amazon right NOW!!!!

Reduce the bulk in your kitchen with this lightweight pizza roller designed in the USA by LÖFFEL

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