Kitchen Tongs for Cooking Serving

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel BBQ Grill and Salad Serving Food Tongs with Non Stick Silicone Head and Non Slip Grip plus Built in Locking O-Ring, 9” and 12” Set of 2

  • ERGONOMIC NON SLIP GRIP WITH THUMB RESTS. LÖFFEL Tongs are lightweight and have slip free TPR handles making them easy to hold and safe to use for children, adults, and the elderly.
  • HEAT RESISTANT AND FREEZER SAFE. Can be used with temperatures ranging from -60°C/140°F to 250°C/482°F. Ideal for barbecue, hot food, dipping in hot oil, or picking frozen food.
  • STAINLESS HEAVY DUTY. LÖFFEL Tongs are made of corrosion resistant, rust free SS metal making them sturdy, durable and are not easily disposable like plastic or bamboo tongs.
  • NON STICK SILICONE HEAD. With premium BPA free silicone coated head and clam shell scalloped edges perfect for non-stick cookware. Pans are cleaner and scratch free.
  • O RING LOCKING MECHANISM. Has convenient locking and easy hanging on any kind of hooks and holder. Simply pull the ring to lock and push to unlock in an instant!

LÖFFEL 12 and 9 Inch Extra Long Serving Tongs are made of prime quality stainless steel metal designed with unique, certified nonstick angled scalloped clam shell black silicone tips and rubber handle. With built in unique O ring for hook hanging and locking and rubberized grips for that home and professional cook. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

This multifunctional tool works beyond its basic uses. Added to your kitchen tools, accessories and gadgets, this smart multipurpose, multi use utility cooking tongs make a wonderful aid for grilling, frying meat, chicken, fish, barbecue, flipping and turning pork chop, hamburger patty flipper and turner, for buffet, serving and tossing vegetable, toss fruit salad, dessert, meatball and boiled eggs.

Best with serving cakes, pancake, pastry, pasta, noodles, escargot, candy bars, sugar cubes, waffle, bagel, potato wedges, bacon asparagus rolls, onion rings, flat and bulky shaped food. Cooks and chefs will definitely love this food tong!

Better than As Seen on TV and cheap teflon or nylon clever tongs that fail to perform when needed. Perfect for right hand and left handed users.

Ideal on a camping trip with family and friends, picnic, family gatherings, cooking quick BBQ or korean hot pot, in restaurant, catering, or in fun and fancy kids spaghetti party. Practically a novelty gift for all occasions.

Can also be used as a scraper for non stick pans and other non stick utensil, because it’s tip is silicone ended.

Way better than your usual rubber, acrylic, wooden, aluminum, copper, gold and silver tongs.

Hurry and buy the best commercial industrial tongs, tweezer, grabber out on Amazon! LÖFFEL products are designed in the USA.

Also use as a feeder or tweezers for your cute dog and pets to avoid getting bitten!

Each pack includes a set of two sizes: one 9” inch and one 12” inch-long tongs.

Available in elegant, stylish black color.

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