One of the most commonly used kitchen item when preparing food is the knife. However, having a sharp pair of kitchen shears will definitely change the way you do meal preps in your kitchen.

Heavy-duty kitchen shears often make cooking faster, especially when your cleaning shrimps, cutting leaves, slicing pizzas, etc. To convince you to get a pair of kitchen shears, here are the top 7 reasons you should consider.

Slice Pizza

Pizza has a lot of layers of ingredients from cheese to herbs. And for pizza lovers, it’s not a secret that slicing homemade pizza can be annoying because of these layers. To minimize the mess, use kitchen shears to slice it.

Snip All Bread

And because you can use it to cut pizza, it’s safe to say that it can cut through any kind of bread. Use it to cut pittas and bread into square or cubes and add it to your salad. Trim the dough of your pie or cut off the crust from bread for your fancy tea sandwiches.

Break Down Poultry

Using kitchen scissors to cut meat on the small and tight spaces in poultry is safer as the blade won’t easily slip. You can use your shears to cut through the breastbone of the chicken and even cut away the wings and thighs.

Slice Herbs and Spices

Kitchen shears also help you shred leafy herbs and vegetables without bruising your ingredient. Shears provide a clean cut, and you can garnish over the food quickly, too.

Clean Shrimp

Your kitchen shears also make cleaning shrimp easier. Unlike knives, scissors help clean and peel shrimp before cooking. To do it, insert the tip of the shears in between the shell of the shrimp the cut towards the tail then peel the shell off.

Chop Canned Tomatoes

Dicing canned tomatoes can be complicated and messy as it loses juice as you dice it. With this, it’s best to use your kitchen shears by pointing the blade directly on the can and snip the tomatoes. This can also work for jarred or canned fruits like pineapple or roasted peppers.

Make Salad

Make an easy salad by cutting ingredient and place it on a bowl. Add your favorite dressing, and voila, you’ve made a mess-free salad in just minutes. It’s a quick alternative to cutting ingredient on a cutting board, right?

Cut Dried Fruit

Chopping dried food is slow and using a food processor also adds more mess to clean. However, with your handy kitchen shears, you’ll definitely be able to cut dried fruit in minutes with less mess, too! And yes, we know you noticed that kitchen shears definitely fix any lazy chopping jobs.

Meal Prep for Kids

And don’t forget cutting toddler-size food for your kids. It’s not a secret that toddlers, though they can also already consume regular food, they still need a little help in the biting section. Parents can also use kitchen shears to tiny those food sizes.

These are just some of the things you can do with your trusted kitchen scissors. Do you have any tricks on your sleeves when using scissors in the kitchen? Share it now!