kitchen appliances

The kitchen is where we prepare hearty meals with our family. With three meals a day, having a kitchen that we love and are comfortable with is imperative. If you’re still undecided about designing your kitchen, here are five kitchen trends that you can take inspiration from.


Black Appliances

Embrace the dark side because black appliances are having their moment. Black kitchen appliances were available in the market years ago but only began gaining popularity in late 2017.

Black appliances were both modern and minimalist, yet beautiful enough to attract attention. Black appliances create a striking contrast. It adds a certain level of distinction and a modern spin to your kitchen without the need for a significant remodeling project.

It also warms up a utilitarian space and cozies up to your cooking space. Black appliances are also neater to look at as it can hide fingerprints, sauce splatters, and sticky smears. It also conceals dust, dirt, and watermarks. This also makes cleaning easy. All you need is to wipe down the surface with a warm cloth and warm, soapy water.

Black is also a timeless color. You’d want to use your appliances for a long time. Choose a color that can stand the test of time.

Aesthetically speaking, black appliances deserve the popularity it is gaining now. It is classic, neutral, and timeless. It also lets other colors pop more as it complements practically everything.


Embrace Color

We used to want our kitchen to be white, but the current mantra now embraces color and goes for “anything but white.” The general rules in cabinet colors must be darker, and the countertops, backsplash, and floor should be lighter. You can choose between the hues of emerald green, navy blue, or even robin’s egg.

When you choose color over white, you should aim for balance, thus, the general rule. A kitchen that is well-balanced in color makes it a haven that comforts you every time you prepare your meals.


Go Glam

How about some metallic finish for your kitchen? This is another kitchen trend that deserves your attention. This will bring more warmth to your urban kitchen, transforming it to make it feel more like a restaurant rather than a dull place where you serve dinner to your kids.

You can choose from warm tones like gold, brass, and copper as these colors give off a sophisticated aura. You can start by doing these in your cabinet hardware. Adding a metallic backsplash can make up for a bolder statement.


Sustainable Appliances

You can also choose to go for a sustainable kitchen. Let this be your contribution to our planet’s future. Appliances contribute around 30% of the household energy. By making the switch to a sustainable kitchen, less energy will be used, thus reducing the environment.

Aside from the environmental considerations, it also helps in reducing your electricity bills. You can invest in appliances with timers or go for LED lighting.

For your benchtop, you can choose a more sustainable option like recycled timber or stone. These materials won’t take up much energy to produce, unlike stainless steel.


Light It Up

You’d want your kitchen to get as much light when you are preparing for your meals. But how about during times when you don’t?

You can add a lamp to make your kitchen cozier. It gives warmth to space, and you can turn your kitchen island into a more breathable space where you can enjoy a book and a cup of coffee—a perfect way to associate your kitchen with another activity.