Creating the perfect kitchen doesn’t stop at making it look aesthetically pleasing and in theme with your home. Making sure that your kitchen is functional and efficient is just as, if not even more important than simply making it look good.

Storage is a common issue for a lot of kitchens. Having too much clutter and randomly placing pots and pans on different shelves can bring chaos to a room that’s supposed to be peaceful. Here are a few unique ways to optimize your kitchen’s storage.


Mug Trees Are Outdated—Use Drawers

Mug trees are a common item in households all around the world. However, what if we tell you that mug trees are an unnecessary waste of space for your worktop?

If you have a ton of mugs and cups that need storage, consider placing them all in a deep drawer instead. Deep drawers are hidden, convenient, and give you a ton of space to work within your kitchen’s countertop because of the absence of a mug tree.


Don’t Be Afraid To Get High

If you want to truly maximize your kitchen area’s space, don’t be afraid to store items you don’t often use in higher places. Placing trinkets on a shelf above the stove or fridge can help you save up a lot more space and potentially add flavor to your kitchen’s aesthetic. 

Special china plates, pans, teapots, pots, stand mixers, etc., don’t necessarily need to be placed in a drawer or shelf collecting dust.


Integrated Designs Game Changers

If you’re still starting to design your kitchen’s layout, consider adding integrated designs to maximize its storage capabilities. For homeowners that have a habit of collecting wine, there are plenty of integrated wine coolers which can act as a centerpiece for an otherwise boring blank white wall.

Adjustments, wherever you see fit and based on your habits, will make your kitchen feel like it’s yours.


Explore Unique Plate Storage Options

You don’t always have to follow the crowd when storing commonly used objects. Instead of storing your plates in a kitchen drawer or cabinet, explore alternatives that can enhance the look and functionality of your kitchen.

An overhead plate rack placed directly over the sink is practical and allows you more space in your cupboards and drawers. You can try getting a customized rack that fits over your sink or buying one of the vast selection of overhead plate racks and installing it yourself.


Categorize and Sort EVERYTHING

Regarding storage, having a clear-cut system in mind helps make the cooking feel seamless and less stressful. One way you can do this is by categorizing each drawer and maybe even labeling them, so you know which items are inside them. Knowing where everything is at any time can remove variability in your kitchen and make everything feel controlled.

Even something as simple as making a smart pull-out cupboard under the skin dedicated to cleaning supplies can elevate your kitchen’s looks and functionality tenfold.


Secret Storage

Having a nifty secret island where you can place your valuables is a fun storage idea you should adopt in your next redesign. This gives you an added layer of privacy in your kitchen and maximizes every inch of your kitchen.


Redesigning and optimizing your kitchen to look and feel amazing takes a lot of hard work. However, with a little time and effort, you too can have the kitchen of your dreams!