kitchen storage solutions

The kitchen is a haven for people who want to whip up something delicious. It’s where we make sumptuous (and not so sumptuous *wink*) meals. If there is one thing everyone will agree with, it’s that the kitchen is best when everything is well organized.

A disorganized kitchen can be very stressful. You’d have to look where your spices are or hunt down where you placed the pot you’ll be using for a particular recipe. You might spend more time looking for the materials to use rather than the actual cooking time.

Well, here’s good news because we will be giving you kitchen storage ideas that will not help you organize your stuff without hurting your pocket.


1. Racks

You can get cheap racks to help you organize your pots, dishes, spices, and wine. Depending on your space, racks can be freestanding, hanged on the wall or in the ceiling! Just choose an easily accessible location. You can get racks as low as $10.


2. Shelves

You can also organize your stuff using a shelf. You can buy ready-made shelves, or you can have one customized. First, you have to identify the location where you want to place your shelf. Then decide if you want it customized or you can have it ready-made. You can get ready-made shelves for as low as $8.

You can also explore installing a retractable shelf. You can store a lot of items at ones, and everything can be within your reach!


3. Divider

Kitchen drawers can be messy with everything seemed to be toss in place. To solve that problem, you can install a divider so you can neatly categorize or organize your kitchen stuff – may it be utensils, spices or plates. For trays and cookie sheets, you can have a vertical divider within your cabinet.


4. Elevation

Maximize your space by placing some hanging organizers in your kitchen area. You can elevate some of your shelves for additional kitchen space. You can put it in the countertop, an existing shelf or inside the cabinet.


5. Hooks

Hooks are another cheap way to organize your kitchen stuff. You can add hooks in areas where there is still space to store some of the kitchen materials like utensils and pots.


6. Baskets

Baskets do not only give you additional storage space, but it can also serve as a décor to your kitchen. Baskets have a lot of varieties and designs so you have to choose the one that would serve you best. You can have a basket in your countertop to arrange small items like dish towels, napkins, or coupons.


7. Chalkboard

Convert a part of your cabinet into a chalkboard where you can write your grocery list. This way, you’ll never miss anything.


8. Barbecue Sticks as Knives Holder

Store your knives neatly within barbecue sticks. Tack in your barbecue sticks neatly in a can, and you can easily keep your knives there.


9. Tin Cans for your Utensils

Don’t throw your empty tin cans away. Convert into utensil storage in your kitchen. You can spice it up with a little creativity and have it designed in a way that will match your kitchen exterior.


10. Plastic Bottles

Instead of throwing your big plastic bottles, you can convert it to storage for your cereals. It will save you so much space rather than keeping your cereals in a box. 

Nothing beats an organized kitchen! Other than maximizing your storage space, it will also facilitate faster meal preparation. An organized kitchen saves you time. With everything in place, it will be easier for you to locate the things that you’re going to need for the preparation. After all, you wouldn’t want to be hangry right?


A stress-free preparation would mean positivity served in your dinner table. So, spare yourself from stress, get your kitchen organized, and serve the love you and your family deserves.