baking at home

Right after the quarantine and lockdown, some of us will have new skills to bring to the outside world and we are sure that one of these is baking. 

It’s not a secret that the lockdown has changed the way we prepare and make food, especially because we have all the time we need. So if you’re aspiring to be better in the kitchen, then here are the essential tools you should have to start your baking project or training: 



You really can’t replace this tool with any other kitchen tools. Regardless if you’re using an elbow-powered manual whisk or an electric-powered one. Whatever version it is, that’s irreplaceable. 

It’s the best tool to ensure that air is whipped into egg whites and heavy cream. It’s also important in knocking lumps out of a cake batter. One of its most important function is to mix baking ingredients thoroughly. 


Rolling Pin

Another important baking buddy is the rolling pin because it’s really useful in rolling cooking doughs, puff pastry, and crush crackers or cookies. It’s a versatile kitchen tool that you can even use when prepping meals.


Weighing Scale

Whether you’re still starting or you’re a pro at baking, a weighing scale is one of your best friends. 

Baking requires a lot of measuring ingredients accurately and that’s when a scale comes in. It’s a great partner to perfect some recipe that requires precision when it comes to ingredients, so keep one in your kitchen at all times. 


Measuring Cups and Spoons

A weighing scale should be paired with measuring cups and spoons because, as bakers, this should be the first tool you’d want to invest in and purchase. 

All recipes start with a measurement for every ingredient. Make sure you get this standard tool. 


Silicone Spatula

Considered as a standard baking tool, the silicone spatula started as one of the favorites of pastry chefs and bakers. It’s a descendant from the non-heat resistant rubber spatula and the only difference between the two is that you can use this to stir cream into boiling sugar. It’s a great tool if you want to caramelize sugar.



Yes, you have to get at least four pans, especially if you’re really planning to do some all-out baking in your kitchen, which we think you’ll definitely do. 

Start with the rectangular baking pan which is a must-have for beginners and the pro. You can use it to bake cakes, brownies, and even cookie bars. Next is the round cake pan and you can even get two if you’re planning to make a towering layer cake. Lastly, a loaf pan because, banana bread, right? 

Don’t forget to add a pie plate in your baking tools because you’ll definitely want to bake a pie. You can even make meatball or taco pie for dinner!


Oven Thermometer

Of course, the one thing that the majority of us overlook is the oven thermometer. Remember that not all ovens are created equal so not all of them have an accurate temperature, too. 

Make sure to ensure that you have the right temperature especially when you’re making cream puffs, meringue, or even just cookies.


Parchment Paper

Start baking with parchment paper especially if you want to clean your area easily. Using this for your baked goodies is needed so it won’t stick to the baking pan. If you have the budget, you can also get reusable silicone baking mats. 


Did we miss anything? Any other tools you have in mind? Add these items on your checklist and start baking now.