small kitchen design

Most of the time, our kitchen is our favorite part of our home. We share a lot of experiences in this area, like learning how to cook or prepare a meal for friends and family. However, how do we deal with a tiny kitchen?

Here are our favorites to help you on your quest for the perfect design solution!


Kitchen Tools as Decoration

If you have a small space, you surely would not want to crowd your kitchen by adding too many decors. The best thing to do is to find kitchen tools that can add style in your space. For example, use knives with colored handles or even blades.

Get Lit

It’s not a secret that a well-lit room with bright walls makes it look bigger. It’s even best if you add mirrors on the walls to let the light bounce in your space. You can also open up your window to allow natural light in or add recessed lighting.

Open Your Doors

Well, specifically, your cabinet doors. This is a great design tip to give an illusion of bigger kitchen space. Display your kitchen tools, plates, and utensils and use them as part of your decor.

Be Transparent

Again, let’s give an illusion of a bigger space by having transparent chairs, tables, or bar tools in your kitchen. It’s a great way to create one vision line in your area.

Hide Work Spaces

Great solution to small kitchen spaces is to hide your work area. Design a space that functions well by using pull-outs to hide your garbage bins, chopping board, and even chairs!

Organize Your Drawers

And if you’re into hiding things in your drawers, then might as well organize it better to avoid any clutter and maximize your space. Drawers are great because things are reachable anytime while it’s being hidden in plain sight.

Store on Your Wall

Yes, it may sound a little crazy, but what if you use your walls to organize your ladles, thongs, and other cookware. Attach a hook on your wall and hang your utensils to save more space.

Focus on Your Floor

If you think adding more storage and other decorations on your countertop and wall will make your space look crowded, then look down. You can design your floor and make it the focal point of your room. Add a rug or use boldly printed tiles.

minimalist kitchen

Splashback Window

This is a great design tip, especially for kitchen spaces that don’t have a wall for a window. Open your splashback by using glass or as a window. It opens up the room and makes your space look bigger than it is.


Minimalist design and the interior concept is popular nowadays and it ought to be especially if you have a small space. Keep what you need and focus on white and light colors on your walls and fixture. It’s easy to achieve if you have open cabinets and other fixtures which you can paint white or black.


Redesigning your small kitchen doesn’t need to be expensive. All you have to do is work on what you have and find the features that you want to add in your space. Let us know what worked for you!