For some, rice cookers only serve one purpose: to cook rice to perfection. And although that’s the case for most, this appliance actually has more uses than just cooking rice. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at five dishes you can cook with only a rice cooker.


  1. Pasta

First on this list is probably a dish most don’t know can be cooked in a rice cooker. If you’re in a pinch, a rice cooker can work like a normal pot. Prep the pasta and the ingredients first, get the water boiling, and once the water boils, cook the pasta according to the package instruction.

You can also sautee garlic, tomatoes, cheese, and whatever ingredient you’ll be adding to the pasta in the same rice cooker.


  1. Beans

Beans are a great carb alternative for rice, and they can also be cooked in the rice cooker. However, they take more time than rice needs to be cooked, so make sure to follow the instructions and check the beans regularly to avoid undercooking or overcooking.

Soaking the beans overnight can also help make them easier to cook.


  1. Adobo Rice

For a quick and easy recipe that will save you in a pinch, adobo rice is fairly easy to cook in a rice cooker. Sautee minced garlic, dried bay leaves, and whole pepper in a drizzle of oil, and add soy sauce, vinegar, and uncooked rice to the rice cooker once the aromatics have done their job.

You can add chicken or pork, cook it fully before adding the rice, or skip it entirely.


  1. Oatmeals

Are oatmeals a full meal? Breakfast? Dessert? We don’t really know. We know that oatmeals are definitely hearty and can fill you up in a pinch, and they can be cooked in rice cookers.

Add milk, nuts, berries, or whatever you want to add for flavor, and you’re good to go.


  1. Quinoa

Last but not least on this list is another alternative to rice. Quinoa, a grain originating from Peru and Bolivia, is now taking over as a great alternative to rice. They’re versatile, have a distinct taste, and are still equally filling as rice.

To cook them in a rice cooker, simply treat them how you would like a regular pot.


What do you think about these dishes? Will you consider cooking them in your rice cooker? Do you have any other recipes you’d like to suggest to others? Feel free to comment down below and share it with us.