Spring is the season of joy and new beginnings, and what’s a better way to manifest a fruitful rest of the year than to revamp your kitchen’s looks? Embrace a lighter and brighter new look for your kitchen with these tips and tricks to bring the essence of spring into your kitchen!


Adding a Touch of Nature to Your Home

One way to bring in the essence of spring is by adding a couple of natural touches to your kitchen, Nordic style! Adding neutral linens, stone vases with flowers inside, and maybe even a rustic runner can add more personality to your kitchen.

Adding wooden panes or having a feature wall with pale woods can also elevate your plain white wall.


Adding Texture & Clean Lines

If you’re planning on completely redesigning your kitchen, whitewashed walls with clean lines create a clean blank canvas for you to play around with in the future. Combining it with textured natural colors like Scandi Oak or Harvest can make your kitchen look luxurious and simple at the same time.

Adding a splashback that matches the modernist and clean look of the rest of your kitchen is a nice touch to complete the redesign.


Let the Botanicals Add Personality to Your Home

Everyone’s been bummed out since we were forced inside our homes by a global pandemic, so why not add a little bit of the outdoors inside your home? Adding botanical features to your home through wallpaper, shelving, succulents, and other plants that are easy to maintain can brighten up and make your kitchen feel warmer and comfier.


Shift Up Your Furniture Layout

If you truly want to make your kitchen feel like the great outdoors, try shifting up your furniture and tables to face a view of the outside? Having a view of the outdoors from your kitchen or dining area is a nice touch if you have a garden or want a little natural light seep in while you grab a bite to eat.

Quick tip: remove unnecessary ornaments, appliances, worktops, and accessories near doors and windows to maximize the amount of natural light that gets into your home. 


Add Green Hues to Your Kitchen

The days of plain white kitchens are long gone. Add more color to your kitchen to give it more personality! Since we’re focusing on adding spring vibes to your kitchen, try adding nature-inspired and pastel greens to your kitchen cabinets or countertops. Using green to accent white walls makes your kitchen feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Olive, sage, and roman leaf are some of our favorite green shades, along with the iconic pastel. Regardless of how hot or cold it is outside, pastel green will always bring a hint of joy and relaxation, adding a more retro spring look to your kitchen.


Restyle & Declutter Your Work Surfaces

If you’re willing to put a little more effort into the looks of your kitchen, start by decluttering your work surfaces, such as your kitchen island and countertops. Starting with a blank canvass as you try to envision what you want your kitchen to look like can make this process easier.

Whether your kitchen needs more fauna or flora, or if you want to add a few vases and books here and there that match your kitchen’s color palette, you can go wild while restyling your kitchen.


Brightening up your kitchen and making it have the essence of spring will make you love working in your cooking area. Renew what you need to renew and start bringing spring vibes to your kitchen by redesigning it today!