kitchen island design

Portable kitchen furnitures bring a whole new meaning to saving space at home. It brings versatility and freedom to homeowners who are two of the most essential part of any space at home.

One of the most popular movable or portable kitchen furniture is the kitchen island. In the past, a kitchen island has been a stationary part of the kitchen. Most of the time it’s placed at the center for meals or food preps or to serve coffee and the like. However, to save space for small homes, kitchen islands on wheels are becoming more popular.

Here are some tips you can try at home:

Kitchen Cart

If you have a minimal kitchen space, a kitchen cart will definitely do. It can even serve as a side table or a serving cart.

There are different designs that you can choose from. A three-layered kitchen cart with a drawer and natural wood on top can be an excellent choice for small spaces.

If you want to save even more space, an origami kitchen cart will definitely do the trick. You can open and fold the cart easily.

Seating and Storage in Your Island

Having a small space means that you have to maximize every inch of your home, especially in your kitchen. So, using rolling tool cabinets as your kitchen island is a great way to store and dine.

Add a foldable dining table on the sides of your kitchen island. After cooking, extend it out, add chairs, and now you have an additional dining table, or it can be your permanent dining table.

More Storage

Though drawers are great ideas as part of your kitchen island, instead of wood, use tempered glass on the top and open drawers at the bottom. You can store and display your linens, cookware, and even China on the drawer.

Don’t Forget Your Wines

There are a lot of industrially inspired carts with multiple shelves that you can use. Find a portable island that also has a wine rack. You can also use this to serve wine and cheese to your guests; hitting two birds in one stone.

How to Choose the Best Portable Kitchen Island

Now that you have an idea of what are the available types of movable kitchen islands, the next question that you should answer is, what’s the best model for you? To help you decide, here are some points to consider when looking for a movable kitchen island:

Do You Need More Storage?

If you answered yes, then don’t choose any foldable kitchen island. These are great pieces if you just want to add a little company in your kitchen. However, if you want to have more space to fill in, then choose a kitchen island that provides more room for storage, such as drawers and even cabinets. Look for something that has built-in cabinets, and you can even use the sides to hang kitchen towels.

Storage Isn’t a Problem

A foldable kitchen island is your best choice if you have ample storage space, but you want to add a workspace in the kitchen. It’s even best to use a granite top cart to ensure that the material can handle spills and splatter while you prepare meals. Add a towel rack on the sides to quickly clean up the mess, too! Choosing an island with two drawers and a shelf can be enough if you only want to use it as additional space to work in your kitchen.

Design is King

Making sure that your kitchen island blends in your kitchen design can be another concern for homeowners. Therefore, choose a creative and functional island for your space. If you really can’t find something that blends with your kitchen design, then go for something opposite. This could help break the monotony in your space by adding a pop of color or choosing a different material for your kitchen island.


Did you love any of the ideas here? If yes, then start redesigning your kitchen now!