Pantry doors give a nice and neat separation between your kitchen and pantry area. It serves as a gateway to everything you need for your food preparation. And while it doesn’t get enough attention, choosing your pantry doors is essential in giving your kitchen a cohesive look. 

Here are seven pantry door ideas you can choose from:


  1. Frosted Glass Door

 Frosted glass doors add a visual aesthetic to your kitchen. Aside from being a pantry door, it doubles as a decoration because it looks nice. The frosted glass lets you see the inside but blurs the details of the pantry contents. It’s like having a sneak peek of all the yummy goodness inside.


  1. Barn Doors

If you want to go for a farmhouse vibe, you should consider having a barn door. It adds a statement to your kitchen, making it a part that will definitely turn heads.

You can also opt for a sliding barn door. They are such a space saver, and their sliding mechanism is easy to install.


  1. Screen Door

Opting for a screen door is a good option, especially for those who just want to spice up their pantry door. You can create one from scratch or repurpose an existing old door. You can even do it yourself! You can repaint it by choosing a color that will match your kitchen.


  1. Antique Doors

Sometimes, it’s all in the details. Antique doors are simple yet possess intricate designs that allow them to stand out. You can even accentuate it so it would fit perfectly in a modern or a contemporary kitchen.


  1. Dutch Doors

Another cool pantry door option is Dutch doors. Dutch doors allow you to independently open up the top or bottom half. This will allow you to just open the portion you need. You can also add some storage space to the interiors of the door.


  1. Patterned Doors

If you are a fan of some patterns, then it’s also a good idea for a pantry door. The patterned design will accentuate your pantry door and complement your kitchen.


  1. Repurposed Pantry Doors

 There are different ways to give new life to your pantry doors. You can add some functional designs or even more storage spaces.

 To make your pantry door more functional, you can add a blackboard to it. This way, you can write down some important things you want to remind yourself or to make organizing much easier. Writing down notes can be better than just remembering them mentally.

If you’re more on the organizational type, you can add an organizational board instead. It will allow you to hang papers and documents relevant to your kitchen needs. If the space allows, you can install shelves in the interior of your pantry door. This way, you can add more functional storage space for you to keep more items in an organized way.

Another way to spice up your pantry door is repainting it. There can be many matching colors to your pantry door, and choosing a new coat of paint can be refreshing to the eyes. If you have a glass panel, you can also opt to make decorations in it to make it more stylish. By adding a little detail, you can get a new look without spending too much.  

Another way to repurpose your pantry doors is to add a decorative visual element like a decal or stencil. This mini upgrade can give a new look and embed your personality in your pantry door.


Giving more attention to your pantry door can add more life to your kitchen. There are different ways to make it work for you, and you just have to take the time to decide what will work best.