multi-purpose kitchen products

Cooking shows and speciality stores offer different kinds of kitchen gadgets. The majority of these items are best for small kitchen spaces. Maximize your cooking potential by saving space and cost with these items.

Multi-Purpose Blenders

These type of blenders are functional, versatile, and durable considering that it can do a variety of tasks including making smoothies, crushing ice, make bay food, grind seeds and grains, etc.

Multi-purpose blenders have different attachments for different kinds of blending activities and processes. These accessories may include cup adapters, tamper holder, dry grain container and mixer, and a variety of blades.

Investing in a high-quality, multi-purpose blender is the best choice especially when it comes to warranties and the versatility of the product. The features come in handy especially if you love to prepare your meals.

Small Cooking Appliances

A multi-purpose microwave comes in different models. Majority of these appliances can roast or broil. You can also choose to purchase a toaster oven which can bake and cook food. Some of these versatile cooking appliances can even air-fry.

Make sure that the microwave you get provides different cooking programs for popular food. These cooking programs may include chilled pizza, pastry items, gratin potato or pizza etc.

A rice cooker also gives a helping hand in the kitchen. Aside from cooking rice, this appliance can also help prepare pasta, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, soups etc.


Versatile Serving Set

If you’ve been looking for multi-purpose kitchen items, chances are you love to entertain people in your home with home cooked meals. With this, you should also have a versatile service set.

Serving sets often come in three or even ten pieces. So, make a purchase depending on your needs, storage space, and the usual number of guests.

You can start by purchasing a three-piece serving set which can serve either salad or cake. Get the one with a cover and with a stand, too!


Multi-Purpose Chopper

Some also call this a multi-purpose prep system but whatever the name is, the primary goal of this kitchen item is to make chopping fruits and vegetables easy.

The parts of the chopper include a container and different types of slicer for various fruits and vegetables. If you get lucky, you can even find a chopper that also has specific blades for cheese.


Hand Blender

Though we already added blender on the top of our list, having a hand blender also makes a lot of difference when cooking. Another name for it is immersion blender which can help you puree in your pressure cooker and even help you make whip cream.



If you’re having some difficulties squeezing lemons and citrus manually, then a squeezer will be your best friend. You can use it on Lisbon lemons, Tahiti limes, limequats, etc. And the juicer also filters the seeds to ensure that you don’t get any seed on your juice.

Save space in your kitchen now. Get these awesome multi-use kitchen items for you and your friends to make every meal prep convenient!