tiny house kitchen

Make your small kitchen work with these game-changing tips! Working in a small kitchen can be challenging. But it doesn’t mean you can’t hack your way out of it. You have to make use of the space you have and make do of what you can.

Here are some tips on how to maximize space for your small kitchen.


  1. Use deli containers instead of Tupperware

Deli containers are cheap, easy to stack, and have matching lids too. You can buy deli containers in bulk, so each container will cost as low as 25 cents. It will also save you a lot of space because you can just stack them up vertically because they usually have the same sizes. Plus, unlike Tupperware, you don’t have to worry about the matching lids because deli containers have the same lids.

It is also very convenient when you have some guests over, and you would want to pack them some of the extra food you have prepared.


  1. Function over aesthetic

 You can still make your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing without the grandeur of all of it. Having organized organizers can do the trick for aesthetics.

But if you’ll have to choose between function and aesthetic, always go for function. You’ll need a small functioning kitchen over a pretty one.


  1. Choose multifunctional appliances

Choose multifunctional appliances to save space. There are lots of multifunctional appliances nowadays, and it would be wise to choose one that will serve different functions but will only take up one space. Take an instant pot for example. It can also function as a pressure, slow, and rice cooker.


  1. Use your stove burner cover as your counter space

 Stoves are massive, so why not make it double as your counter space as well? Extra counter space is a big thing for a small kitchen, so find a way to make it work. If you have a 4-burner stove, you may use the other half as counter space and use the other side for its intended purpose.


  1. Strategize your kitchen cabinets well

One way to strategize is prioritizing according to necessities and essentials. You can start with your largest and most-used items. You would want easy access to these items, so make sure they have their space in your cabinets.


  1. Do a yearly audit of your kitchen utensils

To maximize the space in your kitchen, be realistic on what you really need and what items you seldom use. If you discover some items that are not used often, then be brave enough to just let them go or store them somewhere else.


  1. Add more furniture

You might be confused, but here’s a disclaimer: add more furniture to your kitchen only when this furniture will make the cooking process better for you. One example is if you think a storage rack can give you more space and be more organized, purchase it. If it adds more functionality and value, give it a go.


  1. Make use of empty wall space

Is there an available empty space in your kitchen? Then make use of it. You can go for wall-mounted pot hangers. It allows you to create space for these items while keeping them within arm’s reach.


  1. Make peace with doing the dishes

If you don’t have a dishwasher, manually washing your dishes can be a nightmare. But you have to do it. To make your life easier, choose a dish rack that doesn’t take up a lot of space but holds a number of your dishes.


  1. Clean up your mess before making another one

You wouldn’t want your mess to pile up. So, make it a habit to clean the mess as soon as possible (even if you’re still on your second mess).