The popularity of cooking meals at home has skyrocketed in recent years. Because of this, more people are becoming aware of how important having a good kitchen is when it comes to style and comfort. With the help of modern technology and restaurant-quality recipes online, anyone can whip up a marvelous meal.

Your kitchen is the place where the magic happens. Get ahead of the curve by turning it into a dazzling galley. If you’re looking for an upgrade, take a look at these luxury kitchen trends that will transfer any kitchen into the focal point of your home.


Wood Designs

Wood designs are a timeless classic that is currently rising in popularity this 2021! Adding wooden accents or designs in your kitchen adds a natural, cozy and warm vibe that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Wooden panels or a simple wooden kitchen counter can enhance the look of any basic kitchen. Because of the naturally dark color of wood can help highlight lighter colors like white and act like a mid-tone.

Wood shelves are all the rage right now, along with wooden beams to act as accents to the main color of your kitchen. Layer different shades of wood like deep walnut and white oak to add a layer of depth and complexity to the kitchen.


Importance of Statement Lighting

People typically overlook lighting in their kitchen remodeling projects. The room is only as good as its lighting! Because of how minuscule it seems in comparison to appliances and design, people write lighting off in the planning process.

Good lighting highlights the best parts of your kitchen’s design. Without good lighting, your kitchen will look like a dark and depressing mess. Perfect lighting wraps your kitchen up neatly and brings everything together as a cohesive whole.

Layered lighting is the latest trend in illumination. Because of how versatile layered lighting can be, it can fit into most aesthetics. Complementary statement lighting is also perfect for illuminating the centerpiece of your kitchen.


Dark Tones

Most people have the assumption that kitchens should be painted white or any other bright color to match the norm. However, painting your kitchen in dark tones and accenting it with darker cabinets can also look great! Moody walls and furniture can look just as good as pure white walls and wooden furniture.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your kitchen’s color palette. Keep in mind that darker colors typically match well with marble countertops and lighter cabinet colors! Express yourself through your kitchen and give it a personality and sense of uniqueness.


Butler Pantries

Butler pantries are popping up in kitchens everywhere because it improves the functionality and efficiency of your workspace. Situated a few steps off of the main cooking area, butler pantries are a perfect solution for a shortage in pantry space.

You would usually put a countertop and an assortment of cabinets for keeping plates, glasses, and silverware. Don’t limit yourself to just that, do whatever you want to your butler pantry to increase its efficiency and use in your kitchen. You can also add a layer of personality to your butler pantries by using vibrant wallpapers or elegant chandeliers.

The kitchen is a crucial part of your home. It can be a gathering place for your friends and family or a place to experiment and create new dishes. Being a place where wondrous occasions start and end, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home.


By following these design trends, you can make sure that the heart of your home remains stylish and efficient at all times.