french press

Making coffee is an art form that many people indulge in. With a plethora of different ways to make coffee, finding the best one is the goal of all connoisseurs. However, making the best coffee is impossible without using the best equipment. 

Why settle for less than the best? The Löffel French Press is perfect for anyone who is into drinking coffee. Made with high-quality materials and expertly designed to make your coffee taste the best—your coffee beans are in the right hands. Brewing a refined cup every time, learn more about its features, and build quality down below.


Stainless Steel Exterior

With a tough stainless-steel exterior, this French press isn’t going to be breaking anytime soon. The stainless-steel design isn’t just for aesthetics—it’s essential for achieving the perfect brew.

It retains heat perfectly to keep your coffee perfectly hot as it sits and brews. It looks minimalistic as well, which makes it fit perfectly with any kitchen setup. The market on the inside and the lid make sure that you accurately pour your drink with the U-shaped spout.

The lid of the Löffel French Press is also 10 mm deeper than most coffee makers. The deeper lid locks in the alluring aroma and keeps the brew hot, which creates a more robust flavor.


Comfort & Safety

When buying anything, comfort and safety are two factors that you always must keep in mind. With the Löffel French Press, you don’t have to worry about getting burned or having an unsteady grip when making coffee.

The stainless-steel exterior was made to keep heat in and away from the handle. The expert design keeps you safe from burning your hands while handling the scalding hot brew. From brewing to pressing, the process feels safe, comfortable, and natural the whole time.

Double-Layer Vacuum Heat Retention

The double-layer vacuum construction of the Löffel French Press retains heat longer than your average coffee press machines. It can keep your brew piping hot for around an hour longer than average.

The two layers of stainless-steel doubles as protection as well when you accidentally drop or bump your French press in your kitchen. This added layer of durability makes sure that you can keep on making a high-quality brew for years to come.


Premium Coffee Extraction

Brewing coffee is about more than just the beans that you use. The equipment matters just as much as the coffee beans that you use to make your brew.

Your high-quality coffee beans are useless if you fail to extract the flavors efficiently. Though technique plays a part in how well the flavors get extracted, the equipment you use can also be the difference between a great cup of brew and a perfect one.

Only the best equipment can extract the best flavors from high-quality coffee beans. The Löffel French press can extract even the most subtle flavors from your coffee bean of choice. You can taste everything that your brew has to offer when using this coffee press to make your cup of joe.


Non-Slip Silicone Mat & More

You don’t have to worry about any accidents when you have the Löffel French Press. With its non-slip silicone mat, it stays firmly on any surface. Even if you accidentally hit it while brewing your coffee, it won’t tip over and spill your brew.

The Löffel French Press also comes with more freebies to make brewing easier. It comes with a 2-in-1 scoop and clip that helps seal coffee bags and two extra mesh filters.


Experience Quality First-Hand

The best coffee beans have to be extracted by the best French press coffee maker. With the Löffel French Press, you can experience high-quality coffee first-hand in the comfort of your own home. With useful features that make the process easier and high-quality design, making coffee is a breeze!

Create great-tasting brews and experience flavors that you’ve never tried before with the Löffel French Press.