Designing and planning a kitchen well ensures that you have a space you won’t regret using. Considering how the kitchen has become more frequent due to the pandemic and the rise of more home cooks, it’s a definite must.

In 2022, greens, blues, burgundy, and the return of zoning layouts are expected to be on the rise. However, this doesn’t mean that your options will be limited. Below, we’ll be listing several suitable options for every taste, space, and of course, budget.


Zones, Zones, Zones!

Separating your kitchen into zones isn’t exactly a new idea, but it’s reached new heights. Dividing your kitchen into zones helps with traffic flow in the kitchen. This is especially important if more than one person is operating in the kitchen simultaneously. Four main zones should be present: the preparation zone, consumables zone, non-consumables zone, and of course, the cooking zone.

Zones can be divided in a number of ways. Islands, free-standing furniture, screens, and even indoor herb planters (for those fresh herbs!) are some of the best ways to divide the zones and direct traffic flow.


Wood Finishes

Wood finishes have always come and gone as a staple in households, but they will always be a classic. For this year, exposed beams, butcher block countertops, and even wood-finished flooring make a solid comeback.

Overall, wood finishes as a nod to nature are great for places like the kitchen, especially one that may be placed in an area in the house that’s exposed to a lot of natural light. It provides warmth and a homey feeling that a lot of people love. For hues, a richer, deeper, and darker wood tone is looking to be the choice of many.


Better and Better Bars

Now that we’re finally back to being able to invite friends and family over for dinner, working on your kitchen’s dining experience is essential. Start at the surface (literally) by picking a good one to improve your bars. You can opt for the marble countertop with its durability to various temperatures and its modern aesthetic, opt for the classic wooden finish, or go for a more niche pick in ceramic tiles.

Customizing your bar with built-in chopping boards, customized bottle drawers, a pull-out refrigerator, and other cool and creative ideas. You will improve efficiency and convenience, but you’re also sure to impress your guests.


Unique Cabinets and Cupboards

Creativity and uniqueness have been some of the most overlooked aspects in kitchen designing compared to others, but it’s not something we should look down on. Taking a bold step towards creating a kitchen with your creative touch with unique cabinets and cupboards makes for a fun project.

Transcending norms by opting for fluted cabinets instead of the usual 90-degree edge adds character to your kitchen. Incorporating other unique ideas like a cabinet incorporated within the walls or a pull-out cupboard will add more flare.


Open-Concept Kitchens

Great for entertaining guests, multi-tasking, and creating an atmosphere that isn’t suffocating, open-concept kitchens have nowhere to go but up. Instead of opting for a kitchen that’s an entirely separate room, why not incorporate it with the dining room or even the living room.

This idea is great for families that want to get closer together. Now that everyone has their own gadgets to themselves and people rarely hang out to watch TV anymore, opening up the house helps keep everyone closer together. An open-concept kitchen is great at allowing people to socialize with family and friends while preparing food simultaneously, and it also helps create better traffic flow.


Ultimately, whatever kitchen design you end up with, as long as it’s something that fits your needs—whether that be practicality, character, or aesthetic—it’s probably going to be the right decision. Choose what you feel is good, not what other people tell you is good.