The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, and it’s only fair to treat it like it is. With 2023 already here, some trends are making their way to the table, and some are on their way out.

Below, we’ll be looking at 5 of these on-their-way-out trends that you should probably avoid.


  1. Farmhouse

Farmhouse-style kitchens have taken the internet by storm for the past years, especially during the pandemic, but it’s no longer going to in 2023. Although the appeal of farmhouse-style kitchens has always been consistent and appealing to many people, waking up every day to a kitchen like this ruins the appeal of it.\

Porcelain, one of the necessities, is prone to staining. At the same time, practical issues arise. Deep basins and sinks are a staple for a farmhouse-style kitchen, causing you to break more dishes. Your sink is also prone to grime build-up.

Farmhouse-style kitchens are impractical and require maintenance, so if it’s not something you truly want, we suggest you veer toward other options.


  1. Open Kitchens

It’s up for debate, and open kitchens are still practical, but the trend has died down.

The main reason why open kitchens were the thing during the pandemic was that most of us never really had the chance to leave our homes and enjoy the open air. An open kitchen helped keep that same energy, and we all loved the idea. But when you think about it, glaring cons like a lack of privacy, no separation, and the fact that an open kitchen only ever works if your location is perfect for it has killed the trend.


  1. Overhead Cabinets

The trend with overhead cabinets isn’t one that began during the pandemic, but we’re glad that, like the pandemic, the trend is also dying.

There are so many options that are better than overhead cabinets, and we encourage you to consider all of them before trying out the horror that is an overhead cabinet. Not only do they cost you more because they require more durable wood, but they’re also a hassle in all aspects. Installation is a nightmare with the need for solid back panels, accessibility is even worse with ladders being almost necessary for the regular height people at home, and don’t forget about the cleaning.


  1. Matte Black

We should have never had the fixation on Matte Black hardware in the first place. Yes, it’s minimalist and sets for more sleek energy in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it’s practical. 

Matte Black adds a lot of character to the kitchen’s design and a unique texture, but it also doesn’t reflect light as much. It hides dust, grime, and other icky things that will accumulate in your kitchen, making cleaning much harder.


  1. All White Kitchen

Last but definitely not least on this list are all-white kitchens, which surprise many. An all-white kitchen has been a classic for years, and it looked like it was there to stay. However, designs like these end up lacking depth and the necessary aesthetic people want for their kitchens. People have begun to realize just how important accents are, and it’s why all-white kitchens are no longer a trend.

Instead of an all-white kitchen, one can opt to add some color through cabinetry, furniture, and appliances. Not only do they add depth, but also character.


Whether it’s a trend or not, if you end up falling in love with a kitchen design, it’s never a bad idea to do what you want. As long as it fits your criteria of what your kitchen looks, works, and feels like, there’s absolutely no problem.