kitchen trash recycle reuseWe’ve stayed at home for far too long, and we’ve seen the trash pile up, but it’s not a new thing. Annually, an average American produces 1,704 pounds of garbage which is three times more than the global average. 

With all the junk we put in the bin daily, we need to rethink the way we consume things and throw out our garbage. First thing we can do is to find what we can recycle. Give things a second life and maybe, just maybe, help a little bit when it comes to filling the trash. Here are a few things we can do: 


Bird-Friendly Bird Feeders

Don’t throw away your plastic bottles as you can use these as bird feeders. You’re hitting two birds in one stone, recycling and befriending your neighborhood birds. You don’t just fill this with birdseed, you need to make sure that you cut a few inches so the birds can stick their heads in there. 


Egg Carton for Seed Sowing

We’ve all started growing a few plants in our homes so if you’re ready to add more herbs, then don’t throw away your egg cartons. Recycle them to sow seeds for your herbs. Add soil, plant your seeds, and water it a little bit. Don’t forget to give it some love and sunlight!

Once the seeds have sprouted, start cutting the paper cups and plant them directly on your garden or pot. It’s a great way to sow seeds because the carton is biodegradable, so it quickly breaks down as the herb grows. 


Plant on Recycled Bottles

If you’re done putting up bird feeders around the neighborhood, and you still have plastic soda and water bottles laying around, we recommend you start gardening. Cut out the top part of the bottle and leave at least 3 inches, poke a nail at the bottom to get some holes for water drainage, and viola, you have a pot!

You can also cut horizontally on the bottle. Cut a horizontal slit, poke a few holes for drainage, and then plant your lettuce or other consumable greens.


Mesh Packaging as Storage

We all love oranges or clementines. The majority of them are sold on mesh packaging. These are sturdy plastic, so it’s essential to recycle these packaging items.

The best way to recycle this is to store children’s bath toys. It quickly drains water and can support a decent amount of weight so that you can hang it in the bathroom for the next bath time.


Creative with Fruits and Vegetables

Did you know that fruits and vegetables are natural dyes? Before throwing your orange peels and another food scrap in the compost, use it first as a dye for your old shirts. What we love about these natural dyes is that it doesn’t have a toxic runoff, has lesser waste, and it’s also a great creative project at home. 

To do this, soak your preferred ingredient overnight in water. Drain the food scrap and throw it in your compost. Next, create a fixative solution using a couple of teaspoons of alum and dissolved in boiling water. 

Add the solution to cold water, then soak your fabric in the solution. Leave it for an hour or two then soak your fabric in your dye for a few hours or until you’re satisfied with the color. Rinse the fabric with cold water and air dry it. 


Glass Jars and Bottles for Storage

Don’t throw away your glass jars or glass bottles as these are fantastic storage solutions in all areas of your home. Glass jars are awesome bathroom storage solutions for small items like Q-tips, small soaps, and even a candle. 

In the kitchen, you can store dry ingredients in your glass jars. It doesn’t hurt that they are easy to clean, too. Wine bottles are also an awesome way to store spices and other dry ingredients. 


Any other recycling tips you have in mind? Check your trash now before you throw it out. Don’t forget to add a little creativity to your recycling!