modern kitchen tech trends

A kitchen is a place that people tend to forget about when it comes to decorating their interior. The plain white kitchen look is just a timeless classic that will be sticking with us decades into the future. However, that doesn’t mean that innovations and trends won’t be taking their place anytime soon. With colors becoming more popular and useful innovations that make the kitchen more comfortable and efficient, 2021 will be the year of both convenience and style. Here are a few trends that we’ll be seeing pop up more this year!


Hands-Free Tech

With the events that transpired in 2020, people are starting to get more conscious of their hygiene. Because of this, we’ve also become more aware of all the habits we have in the kitchen. As a result, people are starting to integrate touchless technology in their households to keep contamination at a minimum. From trash cans with a motion sensor that opens when you wave at them to faucets that you can control through Alexa—the list goes on.

Having technology that you can access with a wave of a hand or through a voice command increases your efficiency in the kitchen and is incredibly convenient.


Multi-Purpose Equipment

Multi-purpose cookware has been rising in popularity recently, and for a reason. Your kitchen’s storage space isn’t infinite, so instead of getting several different items, why not invest in equipment you can utilize for multiple situations? Multi-Cookers and items such as the always pan are getting a lot of traction because they can replace four kitchen equipment in just one pot. Having multi-purpose cookware reduces the clutter in your kitchen and makes organizing less of a hassle to deal with!


Hidden Outlets

We all know how crucial outlets are in the kitchen. Not only do we need them for our kitchen appliances and equipment, but also our tablets and phones. However, having them out in the open can be a safety hazard, and having them someplace inconvenient is just a hassle.

People are starting to think of more ways to integrate outlets in their kitchen—which is where this trend comes in. Having hidden outlets isn’t just an aesthetic choice to keep your kitchen look less cluttered—it’s also for the sake of convenience. Putting outlets in places such as drawers or pop up from countertops keeps them from getting in the way while you’re in the kitchen. It also keeps them safe from any fluids that you may accidentally spill.


Wood Tones

There’s something about wood tones that make your kitchen feel more comfortable and warm. Oak, cherry, maple, and walnut are only some of the many different types of wood you can choose from. Having wood cabinets, countertops, and drawers open up a whole new realm of possibilities for design. Even in a kitchen with a white finish and almost no design can look amazing with wood tones splashed here and there.

The color of wood deepens over time as well, so eventually, your kitchen is going to look rustic and robust. The change in the wood’s tone can further enhance your kitchen’s look in the long run. We’ll be seeing more of this in 2021.



Sconces are perfect for adding texture and design to your kitchen’s walls better than any signs or posters can. You can also put them to practical use for lighting up your kitchen. Swing-arm sconces do a perfect job of providing light around sinks or the kitchen range.


Reusable Cleaning Supplies

Sustainability is the name of the game, and everyone is on board with it! People from all around the world are looking for ways to cut down on waste. Buying sustainable cleaning supplies is one of many ways in which people are doing it.

From plant-based dish soap and detergent containers, plant-based spray bottles, and even soap dispensers. This trend is not just good for your kitchen, but also our planet.