kitchen layouts

Your kitchen layout is dependent on a lot of factors, and one of these is how large or small your space is. To give you an idea of what’s the best layout for your kitchen, here are some of the different types of kitchen layouts:


One Wall Kitchen

This is an excellent design for small spaces like condos and loft apartments. Your entire kitchen is just in one wall and saves the center of your space for a dining area. All your cabinets, appliances, and utensils are mounted and stored on a single partition.

It’s best to do this design on a wall that has windows. In this way, you can position your sink near the window to let the natural light in when preparing meals or cleaning your kitchen.


Galley Kitchen Design

A galley kitchen floor plan is also great for small spaces. The name comes from the compact galley that ships have which optimizes the area by having as many storage spaces as possible.

In this design, your kitchen is on two floors opposite to each other. So, you have two parallel countertops, and the foot traffic in the space is more efficient as the center aisle is clear from any obstruction.


L- Shaped Kitchen Design

L-shaped designs are best for kitchen spaces which are situated in the corner of your home. It’s an excellent design for both medium and small spaces. The model uses two spaces for your storage and cooking area. Just keep in mind to have the legs of the L 12 feet or less for you to efficiently work on different workstations.

If you have more space, you can add an island or a dining table at the center. Make sure to leave enough space to move around your kitchen.


Island Kitchen Design

From its name you can tell that the center of attention for this floor plan is your kitchen island. Typically, islands are added in the space for attached workspaces, storage, to hold the sink, or as a place to eat. Therefore, this design is only recommended in large areas.

The island layout requires a lot of room for you to move around. So, before deciding to use this floor plan, consult with the experts first if your space has the appropriate clearance.


G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Another favorite floor plan for small spaces is the G-shaped kitchen, also known as the peninsula or horseshoe layout. This design is made up of connected islands and is focused on free-standing spaces and countertops that services as meal area or storage.


U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

This is considered as one of the best and most versatile kitchen layouts for large spaces. It’s a great design for big spaces because it requires three walls. Typically, the three walls that have three countertops that services as workspaces and storage spaces in your kitchen.

These are just suggestions, remember, you can always do whatever you want in your space make sure that it’s convenient and safe to work around when preparing meals.


If you like any of the layouts, let us know in the comments below!