random kitchen items

It’s not a secret that we love keeping things, even kitchen tools, especially if it has sentimental value. Our first set of knives, pots, or even utensils without pairs sits quietly in the cupboard or drawer. However, there are things that we should also get rid of or upcycle, and if you don’t know where and how to start, then we’ve got you covered. 

We understand that it can be hard to let go of things, and it can also become harder to identify what to keep, so here are some things that you should consider. 


Don’t Throw Out Worn Dish Towels

Worn from washing and cleaning, dish towels can still be upcycled and used as cleaning rags. The first thing you should do is gather all your dish towels, wash them, and then look at each one carefully. Look for unremovable stains, homes, and other signs of usage. 

Those you’ve been using for years don’t have to go to the trash asap—repurpose these as cleaning rags. You can cut and stitch them, or you can also cut it into small pieces and sew the edges and use it as small hand towels in your home. 


Extra Set of Oven Mitts

Honestly, you don’t need five pairs of oven mittens to make sure that you’re safe while baking. Storing these can take up extra space in your drawers if you’re hanging every couple near your sink or oven. 

A pair or two of oven mitts is enough for you to cook or bake. Don’t overcrowd your space, especially if you only have a small storage space. 


Unused or Seldom Used Tools

Yes, we’re all guilty about this, and we recommend that you go through all your kitchen tools and gadgets to find what items are adding to the clutter. Sort through your spatulas, utensils, and even knives.

If there are many available tools and gadgets, it might sell it or give it to a friend or neighbor who’d need one. Don’t be afraid to let go of things, especially if it only adds clutter to your small kitchen space. 


How About Your Cookbooks?

Cookbooks are high, and they can even be exciting pieces in your kitchen, both for decorative purposes and cooking purposes. However, if you’re hoarding a lot of books and creating a corner of unread and unused cookbooks, you might get rid of these. 

Leave only those with recipes that you always cook, or you can even create a digital file of the recipes you love to save more kitchen space. 


Check Your Junk Drawer

Sometimes, we always say that we don’t have enough space, but the truth is, we have space, but we have a lot of junk. Look into your junk drawer now, and we’re sure that there are a lot of things you can throw out!

Get rid of the things you don’t need, tidy your drawer by using organizers. Turn it into an efficient space so you can store items that you need. 


Do You Have An Open Shelving?

People are currently clamoring to open up their space, including their shelves, but it isn’t useful in every space. It accumulates dust and greases faster than closed shelves, and it can even add clutter to your area if you don’t get to organize it accurately. 


Items You Don’t Like Using

The kitchen isn’t the place for sentimental gifts and items because it has to be efficient. Therefore, take a look at the shelve where you store all the kitchen gifts you’ve received and check out what you can give or donate. 

If you’ve received an heirloom and you don’t use it, why not create a space somewhere other than your kitchen, where you can display it? 


Make space for the things that you use and need in the kitchen. You’ll feel more at ease preparing meals!