Kitchen Decorating Ideas For Your Home

kitchen decorating ideas
kitchen decorating ideas


The best kitchen decorating ideas will make your kitchen stand out. You can find many unique ideas on how to style your kitchen in magazines but each kitchen has its own design that suits it best. You can use this article as a guide on how to make the most out of your kitchen space.

The first thing you want to work on is everything at eye level. People tend to notice things at eye level first therefore any decorations that you make in your kitchen at eye level will stand out more. For this reason, the walls should be the first thing that you concentrate on. Unfortunately, most people think that they should start with the appliances.

That’s just one thing to remember when designing your kitchen. Here are a few more.

1. Use A Focal Point

Imagine that you are walking into your kitchen for the first time. Identify what you like and don’t like and pay particular attention to what you noticed first. The closest wall to that point is what you will turn into your focal point.

Focal points draw attention. This gives you a great opportunity to divert attention from the parts that you are not too excited about. When making your focal wall, you can use bold colors, a big piece of artwork or textured wallpaper. You can afford to be experimental since it’s just one wall.

2. How to Use Color Properly

Using color is one the easiest ways to breathe new life into a room. Color can make or break your decor so you have to use it wisely. The secret to effective use of color is sticking to the three-color palette.

The first color will be an existing color that cannot be changed such as the color of the cabinets. The second color is any neutral color that you desire which can serve as a complement for the first color. This will be the color that you use for the backdrop. The third color will be a bold and unique choice. It will be striking and is best used for accessories such as stools and cookware.

3. Hang Items on The Wall

The wall is a large space which you can do a lot with. Designers and magazine articles like to promote the use of wall art because you can personalize the wall with any number of interesting items and art pieces. You can use a number of wall decorations such as:

– Baskets,

– Framed album covers,

– Vintage dishes,

– Shelves and ornaments.

You can go crazy will wall hangings. You are advised to use symmetry with you placings or a specific pattern to make the wall look ordered and planned.