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By 2026, the cooking appliances market is expected to reach a value of US$110.58 billion. The forecast comes from the need of consumers for energy-efficient appliances and alternatives to gas-powered cooking appliances. As such, smart devices are expected to become a big part of the market.

Moreover, consumers also love well-designed kitchen appliances. Majority of the consumers want to invest in well-designed and enhanced cooking appliances to save more in the long run.

If you are looking to invest in cooking appliances, want energy-efficient kitchen items, or have a smart kitchen, then you came to the right place.


Digital Chefs


Yes, smart ovens are here, and all you need is a barcode. However, their skills are still limited. In order to let your oven cook for you, you have to scan a barcode for it to identify what type of meal you want.

Some smart ovens can cook pizza and can also suggest recipes through third-party applications. These applications can even detect if you are missing any ingredients in your meal!


Kitchen Hub – Your Kitchen Buddy

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Smart kitchen is the new trend, and it’s a great way to upgrade the heart of your home. Get a helping hand in the kitchen with a kitchen hub.

The hub is often situated at the over-the-head vent hood in your kitchen. It’s a smart touch screen that helps you control your kitchen and other parts of your home.

You can use it to search for recipes, access your recipes, and create a shopping list while you’re preparing your meals. The hub also has a video chat function!

Leave your dish while it’s cooking as the hub’s camera can let you see what’s happening in the kitchen while you’re, let’s say, in the living room.


Robotic Assistance


Homes are welcoming robots this year. Currently, homes are opening their doors to robot vacuums and lawn mowers to assist in cleaning.

It’s also expected to see robots folding our clothes. Currently, it is in the prototype stage, but it’s expected to be in the market this year. FoldiMate is here to help you fold your clothes, and it can even be adjusted to fold kid’s clothes.

Also, get ready to have your kitchen garden with an AI indoor garden. You can grow herbs and spices, choose the climate, and even the temperature of your indoor garden. And what’s best is that you can grow plants soil-free!


Smart and Green


Yes, you can have a smart and green kitchen with new appliances developed by different electronics brands. First stop is the Panasonic luxury washing machine. It is an upgrade to the current Alpha Luxury by the same company.

It has an intuitive touchscreen display. It can eliminate odor and mold buildup while washing the clothes. The load opening of the washing machine opens when the cycle is done in order to let the air flow pass.

It can also connect to your Wi-Fi which allows users to load detergent and conditioner through their smartphones. A message is sent to the user once the cycle is done.


Hidden Burner


We already enjoy the induction burner, and now we have a new update to this staple cooking partner. An integrated induction burner is powered by electromagnetism. The magnetic waves heat the pans and minimize cooking injuries and even fire.

What’s best is that the cooktop surface is hidden in plain sight. Controls are on the sides of the counter, or you can even turn it on using your smartphone. You can also control the temperature through your phones!


Are you ready to get a kitchen upgrade? Check out these tech trends and find what’s best for your kitchen and cooking needs!