essential kitchen tools

Cooking takes time – from food preparation to the actual cooking and on to the serving. While cooking can be therapeutic, it would also be useful to invest in the right tools to make your time in the kitchen more efficient. These tools can save you time and energy and gives you more pleasure while you’re spending time in your kitchen. 

But what tools should you invest in? Here are some suggestions:


  1. Quality Knives

You’ll do a lot of slicing and dicing in the kitchen, so you need to have a dependable partner in doing it. Thus, it would be good to invest in quality knives because you use it every day. 

You wouldn’t want to use a knife that cannot even chop an onion, right? Invest in quality ones, and your life in the kitchen will be so much better. 


  1. Food Processor

You can have a food processor that has switchable disks or blades. With this versatility, a food processor can help you do a lot of things in the kitchen. From shredding cheese, slicing stick pepperoni, making pates and dips, chop vegetables, and so much more. A food processor is a must-have!


  1. Juicer

A juicer is an efficient way to squeeze in juices from fruits and vegetables. It can help you squeeze the lemon, lime, and orange juice that you might need in your recipes or make it an ingredient for a healthy drink. It can save you time and muscle force as it is designed efficiently to do that job for you. 


  1. Blender

You don’t need to buy an expensive blender. You can use it to make your smoothie or cocktail. With a mixer in your kitchen, you can mix and match and experiment with your desired drinks without limits!


  1. Stainless Grater

Go for a four-sided grater that can help you slice different kinds of food. It is multi-functional and time-efficient. The four-sided grater can help you grate cheese conveniently. You can also use it to grate vegetables like carrots, radishes, potatoes, cucumbers and so much more. 


  1. Peeler

Peeler can be a handy tool to peel fruits. You can use knives in peeling fruits and vegetables, but you’ll always be at risk of injuring your hands. If you want to go for a safer and much convenient option, then get that peeler for your kitchen. 


  1. Stainless Steel Skillet

Another kitchen must-have is the stainless steel skillet. You can do a lot of things with this one! You can use it to make lasagna, smores and a lot of other dishes. You can even use it for deep frying, grilling, toasting, or even baking. See, the possibilities are endless when you have this skillet. You can also serve your dish straight to the table. 


  1. Can Opener

This might sound very basic, but you need a good and functional can opener in your kitchen. You will be opening a lot of cans while cooking, so a can opener will be your friend. Not all boxes come with a ring pull, and it would be risky to open that can with your knife, so, get yourself that can opener. 


  1. Metal or Plastic Colander

There might not be a day that you won’t need a colander in your cooking. You use it to drain pasta, vegetables, and other sliced vegetables. This is very important in taking out excess water during meal preparations.


  1. Airtight Food Containers

Airtight Food Containers can help you store your food safely and neatly. It can neatly store your snacks, dry baking ingredients, rice, and other ingredients securely. It also keeps those ingredients fresh. 


If you still don’t have these tools in your kitchen, you better get those tools now. It can help you manage your time conveniently and will make your cooking so much easier. Think of these tools as long term investments and your partners in making that sumptuous meal.