instalove kitchen ideas

Organizing your kitchen can be visually soothing, but you can take a step further and make it aesthetically soothing by making some kitchen improvements that can add life to your kitchen.

A lot of action happens in your kitchen – from meal preparation to the actual cooking to the serving of the meal to washing your dishes as aftercare. Isn’t it just fair that it will get much love in return? And when we say much love, we mean upgrading or tweaking some spaces to make it feel more refreshing.

With these 9 DIY kitchen improvement ideas, we’re sure it’ll get so much Insta-Love.


1. Go back to Retro

Retro’s back! And everyone loves it! Whether you are an avocado green or a mustard yellow person, add any of these colors to your kitchen to make your kitchen look like grandma’s chic house.

These colors are also soothing to the eyes and will inspire you to make more hearty meals for you or your loved ones.


2. Slide-out Shelves

Upgrade your shelves and make it slide out. Retractable shelves will allow you to have a better view of things that you store even at the depths of it.

With an ordinary shelf, it would feel useless to use the inner portion because it is difficult to reach. With a slide-out shelf, you do not just maximize the storage space; you also have easy accessibility to what you’ve stored in it.


3. Cabinet Door Storage

Make your cabinet door more useful by converting it into a storage space. Depending on the area inside your cabinet, you can store different kitchen materials that you would want to organize.

If the cabinet is hollow, you can add a rack and organize your stuff there.

If your cabinet has dividers, you can organize your measuring cups there and label them according to their size. It’s way, way better than just tossing them all inside a cabinet and you’ll always have to guess which one measures which.


4. Give your Cabinet a Background

For cabinets whose exterior can be seen, you can make more aesthetically pleasing by adding wallpaper. You can update your kitchen cabinets using a budget-friendly wallpaper that will serve as a beautiful background to your items. Just choose a wallpaper that would complement your kitchen hue.


5. Use colorful knobs

Gone are the days of boring knobs. You can change your current knobs into a colorful one. Make your kitchen look livelier in less than 15 minutes.


6. Change your cabinet handles

You can also upgrade your kitchen handles into something more modern and fancy. Say goodbye to your monotonous, builder-grade handles and spike your kitchen cabinets.


7. Look Up for More Storage Space

Need more place to store your kitchen utensils? Start looking and see your answer. Maximize your kitchen space by adding more shelves above your kitchen area. It will allow you to store stuff that you don’t often use neatly and at the same time make then very accessible.


8. Spices in Your Drawer

If you feel like using a spice rack has failed you, then you might want to try organizing them inside your drawer. Position it horizontally to make it easier for you to see what you will need.


9. Pop Up your Kitchen Floors

You might imagine kitchen floors always dirty and worn out. Well, it’s time to change that. You can spice up your kitchen floor by repainting it or change your tiles into something more durable.



All these suggestions are easily DIYable, so you don’t have to worry about burning your pockets. It doesn’t take a lot to improve your kitchen and let’s admit it; your kitchen deserves it.

It deserves a little improvement from time to time, especially that it plays an essential role in the nourishment of your bodies. Kitchen improvement needs not to be expensive. Try out our suggestions above and see for yourself.