kitchen plants

Let’s face it; having a small kitchen can be a love and hate situation. You love the small space because you got some impressive small kitchen solutions, but you also hate the fact that you can’t bring a lot in your area, including plants. 

Before deciding on what plants to buy for your small kitchen, make sure to check the lighting in your space. Check your windows first before you run towards the garden store near you. Remember that plants need natural light. Assess your space and look for windows where you can place the plants. If you have east and west windows, then these are great areas to place planted herbs. Nonetheless, remember that the east windows are more refreshing. 

Let’s go back to the topic of plants. Yes, there are a lot of plant moms that want to bring some babies in their small kitchen space but are hesitant on what to bring inside. Here’s a list to help our fellow plant parents in decorating and giving life, literally, to their small spaces. 



Who wouldn’t love to grow herbs in their kitchen? It’s a functional decoration that makes cooking more fun and easy. Here are the best herbs you can grow indoors:

  • Basil – this is a great herb to have at bay because it’s present in almost all dishes around the world. Mix it in with salads, sandwiches, and you can even make your pesto!
  • Mint – another favorite indoor herb because of its flavorful character. You can choose either peppermint or spearmint and mix it with your salad. Get some leaves and whip your mint tea!
  • Parsley – if you love to see a bright color in your food, then bring in parsley in your kitchen. 


Aloe Vera

This is also known as the plant of immortality because it’s a delicate plant to kill. It’s a great plant to have in your home because it has a lot of vitamins and minerals which are great for your skin and hair. 

Keep a potted aloe vera in your kitchen next to the stove or oven. Cut off the lower leaf off the plant, remove the spine, and split the sheet lengthwise. Do you see the gel-filled interior? Rub it on the burnt area immediately. 



All the variety of lavender loves the sun, and the soil must be drained well. This sun-lover plant also needs good air circulation. Do not plant your lavender on a clay-rich soil and avoid planting it in a large pot with other plants because it does not like competition. 

You can choose to plant either of the following lavender varieties:

  • English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) – the plant grows about 70 cm when it flowers and 50 cm without flowers. It’s a great plant to place near an open window because of its pleasant aroma. 
  • Spanish Lavender (Lavandula stoechas) – this variety comes from the Mediterranean countries. It has a sweet scent and has a mixture of white and purple flowers. 
  • French Lavender (Lavandula dentata) – its scent is a mixture of lavender and rosemary. The plant is best in tropics and subtropics areas. 



Chives is another favorite indoor her because it can grow all year-round. A lot of us would love to grow chives in the kitchen because let’s face it; it tastes best when picked fresh. 

There are two ways to grow chives – it can either be from seeds or a preexistent plant. The best and easiest route is to build it from a preexistent plant which you can buy some bulbs from a local nursery. 

Once your done planting, place it near your lavender plant because it also loves the sun. Nonetheless, a window with partial shade will also do as long as it gets at least four hours of sunlight. Also, don’t water it daily to avoid root rot. 


Are you ready to bring the outdoors to your kitchen? If yes, then start potting some or all of these plants now!