organized kitchen utensils

It’s easy to switch up your habits whenever you feel like it, but there’s something about sticking to the habit of being tidy. Going into new phases of life, you’re likely to look back at old bad habits. You’re also likely thinking about how to prevent going back to them by being tidier at home, especially in the kitchen.

Now the question is, what do you have to do to get tidier and more organized in the kitchen? Lucky for you, we have all the answers! Here are six tips to get your kitchen looking more presentable.


Declutter Countertops

The first step to cleaning and organizing is always to declutter. Clutter makes everything more inconvenient, and having a mess in your kitchen makes it harder for you to function in it. It’s chaos, and it’s the first thing you want to tackle.

It’s important to keep whatever you use daily out on your countertop and everything else in the cupboards. Determine which you want to keep on display and which ones can be hidden in the cabinets. Try to reimagine the layout in your countertops from the items you’ve decluttered. 


Simplify how much equipment you have

In reimagining your layout after decluttering, you’ll probably realize there are a few things you don’t need. Maybe some broken gadgets and plates, even spare utensils. Contrary to millionaires with huge kitchens with something to put everything in, an average-sized kitchen can only fit so much. So it would help you organize better to get rid of all the things you don’t use.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can always group a few items at a time and take out what you don’t use daily. Afterward, devise a plan on where you’re going to put those items. Either throw them away, sell them, or give them away to someone you know will use it. You can apply this to the things you have in your pantries and cabinets.


Organize and streamline by kitchen function

Professional organizers recommend you organize your kitchen items according to how you use them. For example, you can organize your plates near the stove, glasses close to the sink, and cutlery not far from the dishwasher and sink. Also, keep in mind which hand you use to grab and reach for things.


Easy access

Creating easy access for your kitchen is making everything easy to grab. Doing this will make your drawers and cabinets more organized and create a specific place for everything to be placed. To do this, you can try and avoid stacking your pots to save space. Instead, just get rid of the pots you don’t use and make more common and more needed items easier to find and reach.


Choose the right organizers

Once you’ve planned it all out, it’s time to the source where you can buy the right organizers. Invest in tools that will sustain your system of organization. 

Of course, the organizers you choose will still depend on what suits your kitchen most. But there are a handful of products made to suit various kitchens. Professional organizer Caroline Solomon recommends the in-drawer knife organizer, cork draw liners, expandable silverware tray, and the three-tier expandable organizer.


Have sustainable habits

After you figure out how to keep a kitchen clean and organized, make sure you keep the habit of keeping it that way. Professional organizers highly advise this because it’ll put to use your new knowledge and tools in organizing. Remember, organizing is more than something you do in a day; and it’s an everyday commitment.


Take note of everything you can when it comes to kitchen organization because it’ll pay off! Enjoy cooking and dining in your shining clean kitchen when following the tips above.