Are you getting a new house? Or simply just getting your kitchen renovated? Having all the kitchen essentials is necessary for any foodie and chef alike. 

However, not all homes come fully equipped with the knives and tools you’ll be looking for. If you’re lost in your kitchen endeavors, then this just might be the perfect guide for you and your kitchen needs.

Chef’s Knives

When you think of kitchens, you think of kitchen knives. This is why getting the perfect kitchen knife is the lifeblood of your kitchen. You can’t do much if you don’t have a good knife, so you better ensure you find one.

Pro Tip: When getting a new kitchen, check if the handle is comfortable enough for prolonged use. It’s also a no-brainer that more expensive chef’s knives are sharper and can last longer for almost any purpose. The blade size could also heavily affect your performance, so make sure it’s not too small or too big.

Cast Iron Skillets

Whether you’redoing a hard sear on a steak or making the sauce, your skillet needs to withstand it. Getting too cheap of a cast iron skillet could lead to leakage—holes and cracks could form in lower-quality ones. You could find one as cheap as $20 or even something as expensive as $350.

But what matter’s the most in a cast iron skillet is that you find the perfect size and quality-to-price ratio. Once you get one, it could very well last for your entire lifetime—as long as you maintain it consistently.

Colanders and Strainers

From pasta to fruit juices, you’re bound to be using one or the other. A great steak can go amazingly with a side of fresh salad. This is why colanders and strainers are your next kitchen essential pairing.

People easily mistake colanders and strainers and everything else that’s in between. But you must remember that colanders and strainers have different perforations. Colanders have large holes for draining compared to strainers and their mesh for catching tiny food particles.


Looking to elevate your dishes both visually and in flavor? Then look no further—something as simple as a grater is perfect for shredding all sorts of cheeses. But that’s not the only thing a grater is used for.

Zesting citrus fruits is a common thing a grater is used for. Grating nutmeg and ginger, however, is another thing. People often use a grinder for nutmeg but don’t realize that graters can do it just as well!

Measuring Tools

Measuring tools can be a lifesaver, from the little spoons to the larger cup sizes. However, it’s a completely different story when it comes to homestyle baking! Precision isn’t usually a thing when it comes to homestyle cooking.

Baking is almost like a chemistry project, making it imperative to get the perfect measuring set. These tools can last for years and not get wonky whatsoever, so acquire yours now and get bakin’!

Ladles and Spatulas

The last thing we’ll have on this list is the toolset you’ll probably use most. Good, reliable spoons and spatulas can make or break your kitchen. Whether you’re frying, making a sauce, or even cooking up a soup, this tool set will be your new best friend.

Tongs also fall under the same genre of tools as these. It’s also worth mentioning that there are many other types of stirring or flipping tools. If you’re deep frying things up, stainless–steel spider strainers or even chopsticks can also work wonders.

So what do you think? Do you think you’ll ever be getting these? If you’re looking into cooking more intricate but delicious food, you definitely should!