kitchen countertop ideas

Choosing a kitchen countertop that fits your needs and wants can be tricky. Balancing how much you like the material and how much you’re willing to spend on it is also another thing you need to consider. 

This article will be helping you weigh out the pros and cons of several kitchen countertop materials and aid you in picking the perfect one for your kitchen.


Laminate Countertops

The first on this list is also the most budget-friendly option. Laminated countertops are what most fast-food restaurants use because of how they resemble natural stone, wood, or even quarts but at quite a lower cost. 

This retro, mid-century looking countertop is durable. It works well with a wide range of temperatures except for very hot materials so you won’t be worrying about spilt coffee or the likes. Just avoid placing hot pots and pans over them. A simple wiping with a cloth will immediately get rid of it and leave no stains!


Polished Granite Countertops

The traditional countertop of a lot of homeowners, a polished granite countertop has been providing a durable surface for homeowners for years now. 

However, because granite is a natural material, some find it hard to match the patterns and surface colors of the granite to slabs already in the kitchen. Most regions sell granite and quartz at a similar price, but natural granite demands more care than manufacture quartz so you can retain the good looks.

Unlike the laminated countertop, to keep polished granite in tip-top shape, you have to wipe up stains quickly. The polished granite is susceptible to discoloration, and as a result, you have to avoid liquids like oils, wine, soda, and other acids.


Quartz Countertops

One of the most maintenance-free countertops in this list is the engineered quartz countertops. More often than not, they’re usually stained, scratch, heat, cold, acid, and impact resistant.

The non-porous surfaces of engineered quartz are very efficient because they also no longer need to be sealed, unlike natural stone countertops. These bad boys are available in a lot of colors and patterns and quartz are also quite as famous as granite when it comes to countertop material choices.


Wooden Countertops

The greatest takeaway for the wooden countertop is that it gives off a warm and cottage looking kitchen. It’s both decorative and functional and is amazing as practical as let’s say a granite countertop or a quartz countertop. 

This countertop is ideal for preparing food and is the most sanitary for chopping meat if properly sealed. Unlike the laminated countertop that’s susceptible to damages from hot pots and pans, wooden countertops are heat-resistant and still quite budget-friendly when compared to its competitors.  

Wooden countertops also work well when mixed with other surfaces like quartz or other engineered stones to provide a variety when it comes to prepping surfaces. 


Marble Countertops

The grey tone and aesthetic vibe of most marble countertops are what make them so attractive to the eyes. It also helps disguise the wearing and light stains which make them a good choice for a kitchen in the long run.

This appeal is timeless and gives a kitchen a high-end look. Still, the problem is that marble countertops are very porous and staining will be a problem, especially if you’re the clumsy and messy type.

Don’t worry though, because with regular sealing and the right amount of tender love and care to prevent scratches, stains, and discolorations, your marble countertops can still look as good as new even in a few years.


Stainless Steel Countertops

Last but not the least on this list are Stainless Steel Countertops. One of the most modern and industrial looking kitchen countertops that are seen a lot in restaurants are the Stainless Steel Countertops. 

The metal surface works well with any color, and as a result, restaurants love using it because of that and the practicality. Cleaning the surface of a stainless steel countertop is easier than all other surfaces, and you can easily just wipe off stains with a cloth and water with mild soap. 


Create your checklist for your next countertop ideas now!