common kitchen problems

A kitchen is a place of solitude for people who enjoy cooking or being around food. It’s one of the most used rooms in the entire household, second only to the bedroom, which means that to keep it clean, safe, and hassle-free should be an absolute must. But this is easier said than done. Many people don’t even recognize clear red flags when it comes to problems within their kitchen! This doesn’t mean you have to be one of those people, though.

Lucky for you, you can easily handle these problems without the help of a handyman or a cleaning service! Issues that can range from cleaning to storage maintenance and how you can manage them are one scroll away!


Four Most Common Problems In Your Kitchen


Kitchens can have a plethora of problems that can range from cleanliness to straight up just organization. These are quite easy to spot but aren’t the most common problems in kitchens all around the world. Most kitchens have issues not in the cleanliness but in the equipment and appliances that we use!

These are the most common problems in your kitchen and how you can fix them to avoid even more significant problems!


Leaky Faucets


Most of us have probably witnessed this problem in dozens of homes that we’ve lived in or visited over the years. That faint, slow dripping that happens even though you’ve already closed the faucet and made the knob as tight as humanly possible. No amount of grip strength and knob twisting is going to solve this problem.

Luckily, you don’t have to stress over having to call over a plumber to fix this. Save your money and yourself by doing these simple steps to fix your leaky faucet. First, turn off your water supply as it would spew water everywhere when you remove the valves and the parts of the sink later on.

Then, inspect the pipes and other parts of the sink for possible signs of corrosion or build-up. The valves tend to corrode as time goes on, so it’s usually the reason why you have a leaky faucet. Lastly, clean off your valves or other parts of the sink by pouring white vinegar over the affected areas and letting them soak in a basin for a while.


Malfunctioning Fridge/Freezer


A fridge that can’t cool your food and keep it fresh is overall just useless. Your food will end up rotting, and buying a new refrigerator or freezer can get quite expensive! Believe it or not, this problem is more common than you think!

The first thing you have to check is obvious, is your fridge even plugged in? If it is, then check if the doors are closing wholly and accurately. Check if the thermostat has been turned off or turned down and if the coils behind the fridge itself aren’t clogged. If all of those aren’t out of the ordinary then check if the condenser fan inside of your refrigerator is spinning freely and isn’t dirty or broken.


Unpleasant Smells


Unpleasant odors may be caused by food that has gone bad! This becomes a problem when the smell remains even though the food has been disposed of. To fix this, let your fridge breathe a bit by letting the air out, clean the evaporator and condenser, wash the entire inside of the refrigerator with baking soda and water. Keeping a box of baking soda open inside the fridge can also help keep nasty odors at bay


Blockage In The Sink


Getting food or residues stuck inside the pumps of your sink drain is commonplace for any household. You can’t ensure that your plate is spotless when you wash it after all! This is bound to happen to anyone, and fixing it shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Using a plunger or a small pump and a little bit of elbow grease can go a long way if this doesn’t work though you can use a water and muriatic acid solution to heat up and dissolve the food that is clogging the sink.