woman painting kitchen cabinets

Colors play a vital role in terms of designing any space – especially our kitchen. Adding colors and choosing the right colors for your kitchen represents who you are – this includes your memories, appetite, and the food you love to prepare. 

Here’s a list of colors to help you choose the right color combination for your kitchen:


Green means your love the outdoors, want your space to be pleasant, and create a calm kitchen. The shades of green compliments yellow and blue. Here are some of our favorite shades:

  • Mint Green – mint green is a good pair for a white kitchen. You can add mint green appliances against white walls or counters to create a retro vibe in your space. 
  • Sage Green – this color compliments white or beige walls, floors, or cabinets and gives a modern vibe when injected with neutral tones. 
  • Olive and Hunter Green – these shades are becoming favorites of 2021. Again, these colors are great when paired with furniture or finishing with dark tones. 


Yellow lights up a room but you have to use it wisely and strategically to avoid making your room too bright. Remember, we’re not saying that you paint your kitchen yellow. This color is an awesome accent color for your cabinet or even table. 

Another way to inject a tropical vibe in your kitchen is to add yellow tiles on your backsplash. Then, paint the cabinets with aqua to bring in a little contrast. 

However, you can have a yellow accent wall in your space for those who have a small kitchen. By using this trick, you bring in more light that can help your space look bigger. 


Blue is a primary color that represents calmness. While it’s very contradicting when we think about the organized chaos that happens in your kitchen every day, the important thing here is to inject this color in corners where you can relax and stay calm. We recommend that you add a pop of blue near your sink. It can be a backsplash or if you want to go bold, add a blue sink!

Another area where you can inject shades of blue is in your dining area. This is where the calmness often happens, especially when our mouths and stomachs are full. Make people even calmer by adding blue plates, napkins, or blue-themed tablewares.


If you have a small kitchen space, the best thing you can do is paint the walls white. White can be scary but it brings in more light and reflection making your space look bigger. You can also consider your white walls as a canvas. Dress it up or down with your preferred style and decorate the kitchen in different shades of bright and even dark colors. 

The kitchen should be a warm and inviting place. We highly recommend that you inject a pop of color if you go for white walls to avoid that cold clinical feeling. 


This is another loud color that we often skip when we think about our kitchen space. We know that it’s the color of passion and anger but we don’t want any angry people while cooking, right? The best way to add red is to choose small accent pieces and do it in moderation. 

Another way to incorporate reds in your kitchen is to add red appliances for a vintage look. Deep reds are also great for cabinets and countertops. We also love to add subtle reds in the kitchen. Use red accessories, place red kitchen tools on white backgrounds, or get a red Smeg fridge for that vintage diner feels.


Different shades of color create a different atmosphere in your space. Therefore, all you need to do is to alight your colors to the mood that you want in your kitchen. When it comes to your interior, make sure that it represents you!