Kitchen counter stools add more seating to your kitchen. It can be a place of conversation with someone while you’re preparing or a place where you can enjoy your food by yourself.

Kitchen stools might not be a usual sight because of space issues. But if you have enough space, here are some things to consider about kitchen stools and some kitchen stool ideas you can choose from.


Things to Consider when Choosing Kitchen Stools:


  1. Stool Height

 The height of your stool must be the right fit for your kitchen island or countertop to give you the utmost comfort. The typical height of stools is 24-29 inches tall.


  1. Stool Materials

Look for stools that will complement your kitchen and dining area. A wooden stool bar would be good if you have a wood design in your kitchen. But if you have a metallic-themed kitchen, then a metal bar stool would be a good complement.


  1. Footrest and Backrest

Depending on your counter design, you might need a footrest for your stool. If your kitchen counter or island doesn’t have a footrest, then it would be good to consider a kitchen stool with one because it can be uncomfortable for your guests. 

As for the backrest, it would depend if you prioritize comfort or aesthetics. Backless stools are more aesthetically pleasing because they can be tucked neatly under the counter. But if you value comfort more, then a stool with a backrest is a better choice.


  1. Seat size

Kitchen stools must be big and comfortable enough for seating. When choosing your stool seat size, it must be a choice that would generally cater to all your guests.


Kitchen Counter Stools to Choose From


  1. Swivel barstools

Swivel barstools have a mechanism that will allow the seater to rotate 360 degrees. This is a perfect choice if you want people to communicate with you anywhere in the room.

If you are in the dining area, all they have to do is swivel their way to you.


  1. Folding stools

If space is an issue, then folding bar stools can be one of your options. They are compact and easy to store, especially at times when you don’t have guests at home. Just be careful when using the folding mechanism, as your fingers might get trapped on it. It is best to have this away from the kid’s reach.


  1. Three Legged Stools

Three-legged stools are usually made of wood. You can see them mostly in pubs. Most three-legged stools do not have backrests, but it is proven to be durable and affordable. Another advantage is that it is stackable, so it’s space-saving as well.


  1. Four Legged Stools

Four-legged stools come in square corners, but the seat can either be square or circular. It is best for its stability and support. These barstools come in a variety of designs. And most of them are connected by a horizontal step that serves as a footrest.


  1. Low-back Stools

If you are on the fence on whether to have a stool with a backrest or not, having a low-back barstool would be a good compromise. This kind of stool provides back support without the need for protruding in the counter. You can easily tuck this in below the counter while still getting the comfort your seater needs. However, just be careful not to recline too much as you might accidentally fall over the back of the seat.


Kitchen counter stools are welcome to your kitchen area, especially if you are aiming for more seating. Whatever your space limitations or requirements are, there will always be a kitchen counter stool that will fit your needs.