cabinet ideas

It’s always been the goal of every housemaker to maximize space – be it in the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room, and the kitchen. 

Corners have always been challenging when it comes to maximizing space. The angles can make it challenging to be functional. But creative as we are, we still find ways to make the best out of every corner. 

We know we have a lot of things to keep in our kitchen – from utensils to spices to stocks, we want everything within our reach. In today’s blog, we will discuss different ways to help you maximize your kitchen space through cabinets. 


  1. A Pull Right or Left Cabinet

This corner cabinet has two handles. You can open it either from the left or right – your choice. It features 90-degree angles, which allows you to maximize the corner space. It is practical and aesthetically acceptable. 


  1. Diagonal Cabinet

If you are not very much resolved with the first option, then you can go with this diagonal corner cabinet. It can include drawers at the bottom, and you can even place smaller appliances on the countertop (depending on the available space). The design is more fluid, and you can go away with the pointy shape of the first option.


  1. Open Shelf Cabinet

Your open shelf cabinet can serve as your mini pantry. It can be an excellent addition to the dead space. If you arrange it well, it can even serve as a wonderful decoration. And the best thing is, it is easier for you to get the things you want handy. 


  1. Swing Out Corner Cabinet

Wire shelves are installed inside the cabinet for more space. This serves as an extension to your corner cabinet, which is suitable for maximizing space. 


  1. Wall Mounted Corner Shelves

You can also explore a wall mounted corner shelf. This will give you extra space to place some of your kitchen utensils. Make sure to install a stylish one. 


  1. Tall Glass Corner Cabinet

Another way of maximizing storage for your kitchen corner is by installing a tall glass corner cabinet. We are emphasizing the use of glass, so there’s no need for you to open the door to see its contents. Arrange your utensils properly so it will be soothing to look at. 


  1. Curved Cabinets

Curved Cabinets is another stylish take to corner cabinets. You can install pull-out drawers, open shelves, and even lazy susan to maximize the space. The variety of things you can do with a curved corner cabinet makes it a good option. 


  1. Diagonal Cabinet

If you’re more into straight designs, then you can also do a diagonal kitchen corner cabinet. It connects to the adjacent walls and will give you a space perfect for additional storage. This is perfect for modern or contemporary kitchens. 


  1. Large Appliances

Aside from cabinets, you can install big appliances like a cooktop, a stove, or an oven. This is another excellent way to maximize space. But it will depend if your area will allow you to. 


  1. Tiered Storage Rack

Having a tiered storage rack in the corner of your kitchen can help you store more kitchen needs than before. You can place the things that you frequently use so you won’t have to open cabinets to get it. Choose a storage rack that is a perfect fit for your kitchen’s theme. 


There you have it – different kitchen ideas that can help you maximize your corner space. Our kitchens come in different colors and sizes, but when it comes to maximizing corner space, there will always be one that is a perfect fit. We hope we’ve given you that option. Happy cooking!