kitchen cabinet

There is never enough kitchen storage or counter space. No one. So, if your kitchen is limited to, say, a few cabinets in the corner of a room, you’re probably stressed out about figuring out how to make everything work.

When you’re limited on kitchen storage space and ideas, it’s time to add a few space-saving solutions to the cabinets, drawers, and island. All you have to do is consider those nooks and crannies, and you’ll find an untapped supply of counter space.

If you live in an apartment in a big city, you’re probably aware of the difficulties that come with having a tiny kitchen. Aside from the obvious square footage limitation, you may also be faced with a restricted number of drawers or packed cabinets. Whatever your reason for wanting to streamline your kitchen, there are concrete measures you can do and tools you can buy to help make your kitchen more useful.

So when it comes to finding brilliant storage and organization inspiration and making the most of your little space, you can find some tips here:


Make Use of All Space

When it comes to storage, every inch counts no matter how big or small your kitchen is. A simple shelf above a window increases the amount of space available for plates, bowls, and art. You can also turn the top of your fridge into a pantry and use shelves wherever you can.


Contain Everything

Don’t overlook the value of a good container system. For a more polished and organized look, store your food in labeled glass jars.


 Pull-Out Organizer/Pull-Out Pantry

Spices, dry goods, and other culinary necessities are kept in a pull-out “pantry” in the kitchen. This keeps them hidden but allows for quick access.


Add hooks all over the place

You can use hooks for your mugs, apron collection, and cutting boards and turn them into a focal point! Plus, you can free up other space.


Use the tops of your cabinets

You can store a lot of things on the cabinetry’s tops. Extra serving platters and pantry items that you don’t need right now can be stored well up in the attic. If you’re concerned about how it will all appear, use some nice baskets to conceal your supplies.


Consider a fold-down table or chair

Don’t you think you have room for a table? Think again! A fold-down table (on a wall, in front of a window, or hanging off a bookshelf) almost always works. This way, you can use it when you need and get it up and out of the way when you don’t.


Turn cabinet and pantry shelves into drawers

It looks great when a shelf is mounted on the wall, but when it’s hidden in a cabinet or pantry, it’s difficult to see what’s in the rear. That’s why we prefer drawers, especially in tiny kitchens (where there’s not much room to go in there). If you can’t renovate, simply add baskets on the shelves so that you can pull them out to get the items in the back.


Add a mirror

Putting a mirror in your kitchen (even not so big) does a lot to make a space appear bigger.


These ideas, including smart cabinet solutions and sneaky little tricks just might help you feel like you’ve doubled your kitchen’s square footage. An organized kitchen helps save time, money and is easier to maintain. It makes it look nicer which can also increase your home’s value.

Making the decision to organize your kitchen may be stressful especially if it has been a long time since you have done it. It will be easier to maintain in the future if you take the time to do it correctly the first time. It’s certainly worth the effort to have your kitchen organized whether to save time and money, keep track of your organization, or simply make your room seem prettier.