kitchen tables chairs

The seating space in your kitchen plays a vital role in creating a comfortable space for your family and friends. However, the chairs and seating arrangement still depends on the size of your kitchen. So, to help you choose the best table and chairs for your kitchen, here are some of our top pics. 


1. Traditional Shapes

The round or square table is excellent standard options for a small kitchen space. A round table takes less space compared to a rectangular table, however, you can quickly push the square table to one corner and clear an area. 

If you usually have 3 or more people in your kitchen, it’s best to get a round table. The shape provides a more open space for meals, and it also has more legroom. Another advantage of a round table is you don’t get running into the corners. 


2. Tall Tables

Though we love round tables, taller tables and counters is another favorite. It creates an illusion of a taller space which helps make your kitchen look bigger. The length of the furniture also looks like it’s taking less space. Here are two of the options you can opt to use in your kitchen:

  • Counter-height tables – also known as bistro tables, these are often used as outdoor furniture. However, it also goes well indoors and is usually round. 
  • Bar-height tables – these are also called as pub tables and are taller than your countertops. 


3. Expandable

It’s not a secret that if you’re living in a small home, everything collapsible and expandable are your best friends, and that’s the case for expandable tables, too. This type of table can expand and add more space for more people. 

Let’s face it, having a small kitchen wouldn’t stop us from inviting guests into our home, right? So, expandable tables allow you to add a few inches more on the side for one or two people. You can also use the table as a bigger space for meal prep!


4. Drop-Leaf Kitchen Table

This table design is another favorite space-saver table. Design-wise, it’s a lot similar to the expandable table. However, it can downsize to a few inches if you want to keep it on the side. 

One of the best features of this table design is you can easily store. Other homeowners also install their table on their wall and fold it when not in use. 


5. Table Plus Storage

Having a small space keeps your creativity going and one of the best things we can think of is to add storage on your kitchen table. You can do this by using shelves as the base for your table. You can store utensils, books, and other kitchen tools you need. 


6. Minimalist from the 70’s

One of the most popular designs trends during this era was having a big statement in small spaces. These designs create an illusion of a bigger space with even bigger furniture. 

Another popular vintage table designs are tables with tall legs. This is paired with two chairs with tall legs and armrests, too, that you can tuck in all the way. 


7. 5-Piece Round Table

As we’ve said, a round table frees a lot of space. Moreover, you add chairs that you can tuck in and looks seamlessly part of the table; then you’re in for a treat. 

A round table with this design is an excellent furniture for a small kitchen. You can easily slide the chairs and creates the illusion that you only have one furniture. 


Now that you have a few options, make sure to choose the right table and chair-size for your space. Check out all these designs now and get the best furniture that suits your space and budget!