cleaning housekeeping mistakes

Housekeeping is something that every average person does. It’s so common that everyone by the age of 15 should already know the basics, but there are many common mistakes and errors that people make daily when cleaning their house. What’s worse is that they don’t even realize they’re doing it wrong in some cases.

In this article, we’ll be listing down seven common housekeeping mistakes so you can avoid doing them and be more efficient when it comes to keeping your house neat and tidy!


  1. Too Much Water on Wooden Floors

The first on this list is specifically for those houses with wooden floors. If your floor is wooden, less is more is usually a good and safe way when it comes to using a mop or a rag to clean your floor. Too much water can find its way through the surface and damage the wood.


  1. Not Cleaning the Washing Machine

A washing machine is used to clean your clothes and keep them from being dirtier. If your clothes start smelling weird even though you’ve washed them, it’s time to clean your washing machine. Add vinegar and run a cycle on the hottest setting without any clothes inside to remove the smell and accumulated dirt.


  1. Using a Dry Rag for Dusting

Most households use a duster or a dry rag for cleaning out their shelves and whatever furniture and appliances they have, but doing just that isn’t going to get rid of the dust. If you use a dry rag or a duster, the tiny particles end up flying elsewhere. The more effective method is to wet a rag so it can pick up the dust more effectively.


  1. Not Washing Pillows

Washing pillowcases have been a part of the routine of all households, but what about the pillows. Despite having pillowcases, your pillows are still susceptible to dust mites, body oil, and bacteria from your face and body. Clean your pillow once every three to six months, depending on how much you use them and how much you sweat while asleep.


  1. Overlooking Small Items

Objects like your tv remote or keyboard, mouse, and even tiny nooks aren’t included when you do the big stuff like vacuuming, mopping, and wiping away dust. Cold viruses lurk on these tiny objects, and chances are, you haven’t cleaned these in a while, so there’s quite a lot of bacteria harboring. To start, you can spray disinfectant or wipe the objects with a bleach wipe to get the unhealthy gunk out.


  1. Cleaning Windows on Sunny Days

Washing your glass windows on a sunny day might be tempting because overall, it’s easier to see things. Still, you definitely should be avoiding doing that because glass cleaner dries quickly in direct sunlight. The tendency is that it will be leaving unsightly streaks that are counterproductive to your cleaning because it dries quickly.


  1. Cleaning Metals in Circular Motion

People are unconsciously doing stainless steel materials and metallic objects in a circular motion because they’ve become accustomed to how they clean other objects. This is not a good practice to do because stainless steel or sleek looking materials like the fridge do not need to be cleaned that way.

Cleaning them in a circular motion leaves circular stains with either cleaning material you’re using. Instead, wipe them over in a one-stroke manner and then wipe them with a dry cloth in a similar manner to keep them clean.


Now that you know what to avoid, the next thing you need to do is to start cleaning. Yes, start today and keep that house neat and tidy!