Outdoor kitchens have a lot more benefits than you would think. Not only is it the perfect spot to have barbecues and enjoy holidays with your loved ones, but it also has tons of ventilation, so you don’t have to worry about your house smelling like whatever it is you’re cooking!

Whether you’re planning your outdoor kitchen or still thinking about it, look no further. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.


Canvass The Best Appliances for Your Needs

Having external grade equipment is crucial to creating a fully functioning outdoor kitchen. Whether getting the best grill, smoker, pizza oven, or refrigerator, they all need to be built to withstand the outdoors. The outdoors is harsh, so you must ensure that your equipment can handle anything mother nature throws.


Consider What You’re Working With—Look at the Bigger Picture

Take a step back and assess the space that you have available, your cooking style, and what you’ll need for when you’re cooking outside. Looking at the bigger picture will help you maximize your productivity in your outdoor kitchen without having to dip in and out of the house to get more supplies.

Do you want a simple outdoor grilling station for your weekend barbecues? Or do you need a fully equipped space with tons of equipment and seating for when you want to dine out with the company? Knowing what you need can come a long way when building your outdoor kitchen from scratch.


Have a Layout in Mind

Success comes with preparation. Most outdoor kitchens are built against an external wall of the house. If you want to entertain and interact with guests while cooking, L-shaped island layouts are the perfect fit. Aside from that, including a sunk and storage bin space positioned away from the cooking zone but near the refrigerators, so no one gets in the way of the cook while the guests help themselves to any snacks or drinks in the fridge.

Choosing a spot near the garden is also perfect if you want the best view and ambiance for your outdoor kitchen.


Find Materials That Fit Your Backyard

Aesthetics are important, but that’s not the only thing we mean when we say you should look for materials that fit your backyard. Getting high-quality countertops and other furniture leads to longevity for your outdoor kitchen. Natural wooden materials such as oak and other hardwoods are difficult to beat. Wooden furniture is sustainable and looks amazing outdoors near a garden or in your backyard.

Although steel and concrete could also work, ensure that it fits your backyard’s aesthetic and is durable enough to not degrade outdoors.


Lighting and Storage Tips

If you’re planning on making your outdoor kitchen functional during special evenings, you may want to consider a few backyard lighting essentials. Some of your options include:

  • LEDs
  • Solar light bulbs
  • Fully adjustable mood lighting
  • Heat lamps

Patio heaters are also convenient, but remote-controlled electric heaters, heated canopies, and backyard fire pits are options you can opt into.

Something to cover your outdoor kitchen and appliances is also crucial during heavy rainy seasons and the winter. Coverings have to be capable of protecting your kitchen while also not restricting any airflow that comes into the space.


The perfect kitchen is one that you’re fully comfortable cooking in. Let your imagination go wild and make the perfect outdoor kitchen for you! Your backyard is your canvas.