empty kitchen in construction

For the most part, being at home for the last couple of months has been excruciatingly dull. However, there are certain benefits to it, like realizing what works or doesn’t in our homes.

Staying inside has laid bare the flaws of how we built our homes, exposing them more than usual because we tend to use them more and make us want to change things to better fit what we want. 

The kitchen is one of these areas in the house where you might want to change a couple of things here and there, and in this article, we’ll be talking about the five most surprising kitchen renovation trends in 2021.


Less Open Space

The first and probably most surprising kitchen renovation fact in this list is the rate of people wanting less and less open space for their kitchen designs. The open-concept kitchen has been quite a typical design for homes, but now it’s no longer the case. Maybe it’s the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps it’s the privacy, or perhaps the times are just simply changing.

As weird as it seems for people to no longer want open-concept kitchens, it makes sense. As innovations like stove hoods and vents have become much more accessible, the need for open space has become less and less because there’s no longer a need for the ventilation that open-concept designs bring to the table.



Obviously, because of more time being spent inside our homes than we would have in the past, it’s no surprise that we’ll be needing more space to make room for our additional ingredients, appliances, and other needs.

However, the most surprising part of this fact is that people looking for additional space and the number of renovations for kitchen, specific area, have quadrupled compared to 2019. This means that people are often unprepared for instances like these when designing and building their kitchens.


Pendant Lighting

Kitchen Islands might be the most searched kitchen topic, but that’s expected. What isn’t likely, however, is that the second most searched topic is “pendant lights.” Pendant lights are decorative features that can be added over worktop spaces. They’re focused light sources that hang from above, adding an ambient feel to the room’s aesthetic or, in this case, the kitchen.

You can generally use them anywhere in your home, but kitchens with pendant lights have seen quite a rise in the trends as of this year because they take up less space than lamps, but they’re generally lower than ceiling lights.


Wood Finishes

As something that’s been fading as a trend for a couple of years now, wood finishes have surprisingly regained their lost ground. Wood finishes are now another smart option for houses, especially for kitchen renovations in 2021.

Why is wood making a comeback? Is it because many people miss going out and the finishes give them a “nature” feel? Or is it simply because people are starting to appreciate the minimalist aesthetic again? Who knows. What’s important is that we do it right by choosing suitable wood finishes. Subtle-grained ash, pale oak, walnut, or relatively warm tones are the trend.


Ancillary Spaces

Extra rooms like pantries and dirty kitchens have been practical decisions for kitchens. Still, the trend of small areas for houses to save space has forced people to no longer rely on these. Functionality aside, and these were essential to keeping essentials in a separate room.

As of the moment, people are starting to appreciate that more because they’ve spent more time in their kitchens than ever this year, and they’ve come to realize the importance of extra space for kitchen items.



The rate of kitchen renovations have been increasing these past few months, and rightfully so. People are starting to realize the flaws of their kitchen and what they need to change. We hope you’ve picked up an idea or a few so you can also start working on your kitchen now!