Do you ever feel like peeling your vegetables during food preparation takes so much time? Have you ever cut yourself while doing the peeling? Have you ever felt uncomfortable and tired halfway through the peeling?

If you can relate to all the scenarios above, then know that you are not alone. The time needed for food preparation varied depending on what dish you will prepare. Nonetheless, whatever dish it will be, you deserve the comfort and the convenience of peeling ingredients with ease. And what’s the best way to do this? Get yourself a Y-peeler. Continue reading, and we will tell you why.

double sided peeler

  1.   Multi-grips are possible

Y-peelers allow you to do the peeling in different grips. These peelers are comfortable to use using either your right or left hand. So, if you’re a lefty, then the Y-peeler is good news for you.

Imagine peeling a carrot. You can conveniently hold the stem with one hand and have the carrot’s tip towards the cutting board. Using a Y-peeler, you can make lengthwise peels from stem to tip and spin the carrot conveniently until you peeled everything. For sweet potatoes, you can either hold it from the stem or palm it.

When you use a swivel peeler, you are usually put in an awkward, elbows-out position, and the swivel blades might swivel away in a direction you don’t want them to. Being in this situation is so frustrating. With Y-peelers multiple and better grips, your peeling experience will be of so much ease!


  1.   It has multipurpose with its dual-blade design

You can get a Y-peeler with different blades – one with a regular peeler, one used for julienning, and one with a serrated blade that you can use for fruits and vegetables with delicate skin.

Using these three-blade designs can help you efficiently cut your fruits or vegetables on your desired outcome. Want to shred papaya for a Thai salad? Are you preparing a mashed potato? Do you want a lemon for a drink? This multipurpose Y-peeler got you covered.


  1.   It’s affordable

You can get a pack of Y-peelers for less than $10. This is very convenient because you get to have some stocks if the one you’re using would break. The multi-blade pack mentioned above only costs around $12. Getting three different kinds of blades for $12? That’s a good buy.


  1. Professionals use it

Kitchen professionals prefer Y-peelers because it is made for mass peeling. It’s easy to use and can get work faster than other kinds of peeler. If kitchen professionals are doing it, then why shouldn’t you? Experts have spoken, and you should take their lead.


  1.   It’s a perfect gift for all occasions

Happy about the convenience y-peelers brought to your life? Then why not spread the love. Y-peelers are perfect gifts for all occasions. Anyone gifted with y-peelers will surely appreciate the gift of convenience given to them. 

Kitchen tools are made to make life easier. Think of the days when you only had the kitchen knife to use for the peeling. We bet you’d have some experiences or close calls on how inconvenient it is to use knives for peeling.



The Y-peeler is an innovation that answers the need for convenient and efficient peeling. It can make food preparation faster and so much easier. If you don’t have one in your kitchen yet, then give it a try. With its affordable price, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Buy a Y-peeler from a trusted brand. Look at the reviews and see what others have to say about it. Having a Y-peeler in your kitchen is a must. Y-peelers make your peeling experience a wonderful one. Go and get one yourself now!