kitchen backsplash

It’s essential to choose the right backsplash for your kitchen for both design and purpose. Take time, research, and ask experts when looking for the right backsplash because this element helps tie the overall look of your kitchen.

If you are unsure where or how to start, then you came to the right place. Here are five essential questions you should ask and, of course, answer for you to choose the right backsplash. 


1. Why do I need a backsplash?

The simple answer is to protect your walls from stains, spatters, and spills that can damage it. 

Having a backsplash also means you can easily clean it up. The majority of the materials can easily be cleaned, and you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing it, unlike when you leave the wall as it is. 

Lastly, it’s an important design element in your kitchen. Depending on the material, design, and color, your backsplash can either balance or complement your current space design. 


2. How much is my budget?

This is a question you need to ask before starting any home renovation or improvement peojects, may it be small or large scale. You must have a realistic budget and an actual number that you are willing to spend for your renovation or, in this case, changing or adding a backsplash in your kitchen. 

If you already have a number, then head on to the next question. But if you’re still struggling to find the right budget, then maybe it’s best to check prices.


3. What material should I use?

There are different materials that you can choose for your backsplash. One material is glass tiles, which you can use to create mosaic patterns. You can mix and match small and large pieces of tiles to create a bright-colored backsplash. Another popular material is ceramic that comes in both neutral and bold colors. Look into patterns, too.

Natural stone is another material you can consider, which includes marble, limestone, or travertine. This is an option that’s a bit expensive but looks timeless and can last for years. 


4. What color, shape, and pattern should I use?

Now that you have a budget and what material you want to use, the next to consider are the colors and patterns. There are three basic options that we can recommend here, and this includes all-white, complimentary color of your kitchen floors or a colorful focal point for your kitchen.

The most important part of choosing the color for the backsplash is that it goes well with the overlook of your kitchen. 


5. What grout color should I use?

Homeowners prefer to use white for their grout in the past. There are grout colors similar to the color of the tiles or material of the backsplash for a seamless design. However, we’re not saying you can’t choose white or contrasting color. If you think that it best fits your kitchen, then go with what your guts (and eyes) tell you. 

Now that we’ve got the basic questions answered let’s find some design inspirations for you!


Sky High

If you want to go bold and high, then run a tile up to your ceiling. This can create an illusion that your space is bigger, especially if you use light-colored tiles. 


Penny Tiles

One of the most popular materials that can be used in every corner of your house is penny tiles. You can choose a glossy, colorful, or textured penny tile accent for your kitchen. 


Mirror Backsplash

This is a small kitchen’s best friend because the mirror can create an illusion that you have more space. 


Are you ready to give your backsplash a facelift? Share your process with us!