Kitchens are essential parts of the home, especially during quarantine when you are spending a lot more of your time in it. Kitchens are made better with the doors you choose, especially if you’re the type to care about aesthetics and practicality.

The concept of a modern kitchen door is to become the focal point of a sleek space. Glass panes provide natural light, and dark wood or metal doors offer contrast. In this article, we’ll be discussing several options for excellent kitchen door ideas.


1.The Combination

Sticking to simple designs are perfectly fine but mixing them up is also a great way to be unique. In the modern kitchen, combinations of concepts are often applied. For example, some houses utilize kitchen barn doors without using the colors of the traditional farmhouse door.

Even if you use kitchen barn doors because you find them convenient and fit your style, you can choose to spice things up and paint them in different and more eccentric colors.


2. The Chalkboard Door

The chalkboard door is one of the most incredible things to have come out of modern design. Both its practicality and design add so much character to a simple kitchen. If your kitchens are industrialized and have enough budget, why not get yourself a kitchen door with two uses.

Not only are they dark and neutral in color, but they’ll start to look more appealing, and they’re unique once you start writing things like grocery lists, schedules, the menu for the day, or just a few notes you want to keep. Just be careful and always keep track of where you’re putting your chalk. Nobody wants chalk on their food!


3. Reusing your Old Doors

Nothing beats an old classic, and the traditional farmhouse is one of them. You don’t have to necessarily use these standard farmhouse doors as your primary kitchen door too. Reusing farmhouse doors for pantries or large cabinets inside your kitchen is a bright idea because you don’t need for it to be tightly sealed as long as it still serves as a door.

The window panes in an old farmhouse door are handy because it allows you to peek into the pantry without actually needing to enter, which is perfect for when your hands are full and doused in ingredients.


4.No Door At All

Sometimes the best door is no door at all. If your kitchens aren’t outdoor and don’t have a problem with flies or other pests, no entry is a great idea applied in most Asian countries. 

It saves you a lot, but it also gives you the leeway of being able to use things like curtains to maintain some level of privacy while at the same being able to make good use of the additional ventilation that comes with no door. 

Take note. However, along with this additional ventilation comes the threat of odor from your kitchen flooding to the rest of the house. Only use this idea when you’re confident you won’t be cooking very odor-intensive meals.


5. Glass Glass Glass

Glass doors always seem to have this cozy feel to them, especially when your houses have beautiful outdoor areas. Choosing to use glass doors in the perfect situation can help pull off simple yet great designs that allow you to let the morning light in without suffering from the harsh rays during lunch.

Paint the door’s frame white, add a couple of chairs and a table by the door, display some fresh flowers and fruits, and voila, you’ll find yourself enjoying your morning coffee so much more than you have in the past.



There are so many other kitchen door ideas out there. Don’t limit yourself to the dull confines of what society defines as good. If you believe that the kitchen door you have in mind is what you want, then go for it. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Take your chances, and you definitely won’t regret it.