For kitchen renovations, one of the most common things people want to do is switch up the color. With the countless colors to choose from, it can be difficult to choose which one fits your design the best.

Trends have been a great indicator of what might work for you and what you should be considering, but trends also die down. Below, we’ll be listing five colors going out of trend you should avoid.


  1. Gray

Gray kitchens used to be one of the most coveted thanks to their simplicity, but not anymore. Despite gray—especially the muted shades—being seen as one of the most timeless colors for houses, especially kitchens, that’s looking to change in 2023 (and we’re glad they are).

Grey has been going out of trend because it no longer fits with what most people want in their kitchen: A lively personality. Colors that don’t feel as monotonous as gray seem to be a better choice because they add character.

However, sometimes gray may make an exception, but only as an accent or a way to keep a certain part of the kitchen separate, but that can be said for most of the colors on this list.


  1. Bright Colors

Similar to the disdain for the monotonous, extra bright colors are also something to be avoided in 2023. People are moving away from kitchens with vibrant colors as they seem too lively and full of character.

Over-the-top reds and yellows should no longer be considered for a kitchen, especially for a home that no longer has kids. Although brighter colors are a must for babies and toddlers, less vibrant ones will still do fine for them. As a substitute, pastel colors may be a great alternative if you aren’t looking to make too much of a change.


  1. Dark Brown

Yes, earth tones have been (and still are) trending, but dark brown should never be considered for your kitchen. Nobody wants a gloomy and dark kitchen, which is exactly why colors similar to dark brown should be avoided.

The only time dark brown should be used in kitchens is if you’re using hardwood materials as accents or furniture like cupboards and cabinets. Even then, filling up your kitchen with dark-colored furniture is a horrible way of creating this suffocating sensation. Painting the walls dark brown automatically ruins the mood in your kitchen.


  1. Brilliant White

Just as nobody wants the heart of their home to feel gloomy, it also shouldn’t feel too neat and pearly. Painting your kitchen walls or your carpentry brilliant white may seem like a good idea at first, but it definitely isn’t.

The kitchen is the only place at home where a mess being made can be justified. When cooking or eating, the least of your concerns should be the mess you end up leaving (save that for after). Brilliant white ends up highlighting every single speck of dust, every drop of sauce, and all the other grime and dirt in your kitchen.


  1. Green

It’s unfortunate that the trend of green kitchens died very quickly, but maybe it’s for the better. Looking back, although green kitchens were cute (and still are), they don’t seem solid enough. At most, green kitchens are appealing to guests because of how unique and full of character they seem, but for residents, it’s probably not practical to have a mostly green kitchen, especially if it’s mint or emerald.


Like many things, individual preferences are always important when it comes to artistic decisions. Even the colors above can make for certain exceptions, but they should definitely be avoided in most situations.