girl with kitchen appliances

When renovating or redesigning your kitchen, the main thing you’d prioritize is aesthetics. The time spent on deciding on which aesthetics to go with for your kitchen is quite large. We may spend so many hours on aesthetics that we forget about the appliances aspect of our kitchen.

Today, we need to think more about what appliances we have to place in our kitchen. We’re here to tell you our top things to consider when choosing appliances for your kitchen.


New Technologies

Our first reason for why you should consider appliances first is due to new technological developments. The kitchen is one of the house areas where the appliances meant for this place are technologically advanced. Technology in the kitchen can quickly get outdated due to how fast the development of tech is here.

You need to identify the differences and prioritize what you need in your kitchen. Learn about relevant innovations and assess if they’re practical for you or if they’re what you want. 

In the end, learning about innovations will be beneficial for you when redesigning or renovating your kitchen. It’ll give you a heads up on what you can replace, what you need, and what you want for your kitchen. Additionally, this can even affect some of the aesthetic aspects of your kitchen.


Contribute to Aesthetics

Another reason why you should consider appliances first is because appliances can contribute to aesthetics. The appliances you choose for your kitchen can set the aesthetic of your kitchen too. 

Deciding on what appliances you’d want for your kitchen can be a massive help in determining the overall kitchen aesthetic. This can significantly help your kitchen designer (if you have one) as it acts as a starting point. What’s more is that you have to ensure that you’ve determined what appliances you want. If you’ve had a layout before you decided on your appliances, chances are you might change the layout. You are likely to change your layout to adjust the layout according to the appliances you have.

To make more efficient use of your time, choose your appliances first and then design.


Helps Avoid Overcasting

When you determine your appliances already, the plumbing, wiring, etc., that will be done is also determined. These usually aren’t done by you but by an expert, thus will incur you some costs. Later on, if you change your appliances, the procedures may change too and add to your expenses.

For example: getting a steam oven required them to be plumbed in, needing a water supply and a waste pipe. A hot water tap will need the power to heat the water, which translates to more wiring. More wiring equals more costs because of the added labor.

It will help if you communicate with your contractor well about the final appliances you’d like to have. This will lead to you getting a clear picture of the costs and helps you avoid overcasting or overspending.


Shortens Lead Time

Lead time involves the duration that a product gets ordered, shipped, and delivered to your place. With the status quo, many appliances have longer lead times. Before the pandemic, these appliances could take under a week of a lead time but now take 6-10 weeks.

Back then, we’d wait only a few weeks for our range cookers. Now they’d take around 10-16 weeks long. That’s way more time than usual.


If you’re a person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, finalize your appliances. Finalizing your appliances earlier on by prioritizing them will speed up the lead time. They’ll arrive earlier, and you can work in your kitchen ASAP.  At the very least, if there are any delays, the delays aren’t due to the lead times. 

Picking out your appliances early on can seriously benefit you in your journey of redesigning your kitchen. It’ll help save you time and money in the long run.