Aside from its often natural and cozy look, a traditional kitchen has always been a safe design choice for many. Considering how these designs have already been tried and tested for quite a long time, their reliability is no longer an issue. At the same time, traditional kitchen ideas are also more accessible and cheaper in general.

With that in mind, we’ll list five traditional kitchen ideas you should consider.


  1. Two-way Glass-Front Cabinets

Glass-front Cabinets are amazing. If you’re living in an area with a great outdoor view or struggling with lighting, a two-way glass front can do wonders for your kitchen.

Although it’s traditional, it’s one of the severely underrated designs that people should consider more. Because it’s two-way, it allows more natural light to enter your kitchen, providing an additional light source. However, that’s also the challenge with this idea. Natural light can be challenging to control, and sometimes it can be overwhelming.

One way to gauge whether glass-front cabinets work for you is to assess where you’re located and how long daylight usually lasts throughout the day. Another way is to determine if enough trees’ll help with the shade, lessening the harshness of the sun.


  1. Kitchen Islands With Furniture Spaces

Any space where you can keep additional silverware, pots, pans, and possibly even food is highly appreciated. A kitchen island with furniture spaces was a trend in the past, and it’s time for it to come back. 

The key to making it look aesthetically pleasing is to make sure there’s a contrast between the silverware and the kitchen island. For example, an oak-colored center island would work great if most of your silverware is white.


  1. Black and White

You can never go wrong with black and white. Whether you’re looking to use an exclusively black-and-white color palette or you’re looking to incorporate it with other colors, it’ll work great.

Most traditional designs will often incorporate wooden floors and windows, so sticking with that general direction will also be helpful. If you’re looking for a timeless, seamless, and smooth design, black and white is one to consider.


  1. A Coffered Ceiling

Extremely underrated, a coffered ceiling is able to elevate a lot of the architectural details in your design. Whether the sunken panels are square, rectangle, octagon, or any other type, they create a sense of depth and extra space when done right.

A coffered ceiling will also help break the room into segments. Just ensure that your coffered ceiling blends in well with the rest of the design so it doesn’t feel out of place! For homes that feel too cramped up, with the kitchen being the heart of the home, it’ll help provide breathing room for the family.


  1. Casual Cottage

Last but definitely not least on this list, a casual cottage kitchen design provides a lot of character. Incorporating warm wood elements, stone flooring, and usually accompanied by brushed gold and brass fixtures, a cottage-style kitchen will work well so long as the rest of your home complements the design.

Don’t let the fancy vibes fool you. A casual cottage is also relatively cheap in terms of expenses. The most you’ll spend will be on wood, wicker, and pastel furniture. As for the antique accessories and floral fabrics, you can probably reuse some old things in your attic. A quick run to the local vintage store can also fix that.



The most important thing to remember with all of these designs to consider is which of them feels right with you. Remember, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s important that you maintain a combination between comfort and character.