With many people being forced to stay at home, they’ve come to discover that there are many things that they want to change. The kitchen has become one of the most popular subjects for renovation during the pandemic, and as a result, there are many cool kitchen designs and creative looks that came about.

In this article, we’ll be counting down ten kitchen trends for 2021, including the looks, designs, concepts, new looks, and a plethora of appliances.


  1. Mesh Cabinets

Mesh Cabinets are great alternatives to glass cabinets and open shelves because they’re the middle ground. Not totally sealed, but also not as exposed as completely open shelves. When compared to glass cabinets, the only downside is they’re bound to accumulate dust quicker, but we’ll take that over-mold any day of the week.


  1. Unique Color Contrasts

Move over, minimalistic designs. Brave color choices like picking color wheel opposites like green and pink or yellow and blue work great when done correctly. An application like gradient light yellow tiles and sky blue cabinetry accompanied by white kitchen tables is an excellent example. It achieves both the homey feeling and the unique aesthetic.


  1. White Contrasts

Not necessarily a trend that began in 2021, but still trending nevertheless is the modern take on the mid-century and contemporary kitchen. An alternating contrast between white or dark brown or white and dark gray mediated by marble or wooden texture kitchen tops greatly brings out detail while still maintaining a cool-to-the-eyes and straightforward look.


  1. Sink Skirts

Not everyone’s cup of tea, sink skirts are for those willing to combine soft, homey kitchen schemes with nostalgia and convenience. A sink skirt is usually used to replace what would probably be the base cabinet doors beneath the sink with a small curtain.

This allows for homeowners to place trash cans underneath the sink that they can easily throw food wastes and other junk into without the hassle of opening and closing cabinet doors.


  1. Dark Minimalist

The opposite of the white contrast themed kitchen, and this kitchen is for houses that aren’t designed to be exposed to a lot of sunlight. To pull off the dark minimalist, a majority of the kitchen, like the walls, cabinetry, work surface, and even the chairs and the ceiling, can be primarily black with a hint of white like on the work surfaces or tables and shelves.


  1. Popping Colors

Forget the color wheel and go crazy with your color combinations with this trending kitchen theme. Choosing colors should be something personal and not necessarily affected by what’s seen as conventionally good. If you feel like it’s a good color combination that pops out and adds contrast, don’t hesitate to try it out!


  1. Double Island

With a lot of kitchens getting delegated more space, open spaces and double islands won’t be a hassle. If you’re living with a lot of people or if you expect more than one person to be working in the kitchen at the same time, double islands are perfect.


  1. Pantry Cupboards

Ergonomic, space-saving, and relatively more efficient. Pantry Cupboards have been trending for the last few years because of how much space one can save as opposed to having an actual pantry room. Pantry Cupboards are great for tiny houses with minimal space to spare, and they also ensure that all food goods are kept in one place and not messily spread throughout the kitchen.


  1. Pendant Lights

If you’re into Instagram, you’ve probably already seen a handful of these new-style kitchens with pendant lights. They’re most often low hanging lights that serve more of a decorative purpose than purely just brightening up the room as conventional lights do. If you’re a big fan of adding drama to the kitchen, this is a great way to go.


  1. Walnut Cabinetry

Rich. Dark. Textured. This is the entire theme and purpose of installing walnut cabinetry in the kitchen. This type of cabinetry is often accompanied by simple neutral colors like black, white, or light colors like mint green or sky blue. These types of kitchens give off natural warmth and luxury that a lot of people will surely appreciate.


What’s your favorite trend? Share your thoughts!