clean kitchen with appliances

Everyone seems to fall victim to the same thing whenever they buy significant appliances. The way people buy appliances revolves around waiting for a sale to pop up and using ratings as a basis on whether the product is good. Once they have their eyes on a product, they get lured in by the flowery words of the salesperson and end up gambling on whether the product they bought is good or not!

Although this method can work, it’s inefficient, and experts say you might pay more than necessary. Not to mention the possibility of the appliances breaking down a few months after you bought it.

Here’s a sure-fire way to get the most bang out of your buck when buying appliances:


Tap your Local Technician for Recommendations

A well-rated product seems like a clear indicator of its quality, but relying on how well-ranked it is can be a recipe for disaster. Ratings and rankings are complicated since they can have a smidge of bias. If rankings and ratings are unreliable, what can you rely on to know the quality of the product?

Get the inside scoop by talking to people who’ve worked with the machine you’re planning to buy! Speak to your friends, family, locals, or your local trusted technician for an honest review of the product. Ask an authorized technician for recommendations on which appliances work best for your needs.

Asking a professional for their opinion can save you a lot of money on repair costs and replacement fees. Use your connections as an advantage to gauge which products are the best, and make sure you ask multiple people to get the best results.


Come Into The Store Informed

Make sure you do your research before you visit a store. This is a given for everything, not just buying appliances. Being well-informed will help you avoid being pushed into specific models that the sales clerks are being paid to advertise.

Be as meticulous as possible when doing research. This will guarantee that you know the differences between brands and product models. Newer doesn’t necessarily mean better, be open to buying older models if they’re enough to fit your needs. You don’t always need the fancy new options on a microwave if an old one is enough for your household.

Keeping an eye on service contracts and warranties will also guarantee that you save money in the long run. Warranties coming directly from the manufacturers are ideal if you want to ensure proper compensation, but third-party service contracts can also be good. 


Delivery Details & Installation

Having power cords for a new stove or hoses for a washing machine used to be a given when buying appliances, but some brands don’t include those in their products anymore. Make sure you do your research and find out in advance the list of what comes with the product that you’re getting.

In most situations, purchasing additional items from your local hardware store in advance will lower the price significantly. When the delivery truck finally arrives at your home, make sure to go out and check if the unit you bought comes with the factory carton and manuals.

Make sure to look out for indicators that your unit has been used before to make sure that you’re getting a new appliance out of the box.



Be smart with your purchases. The amount that you save will depend on how willing you are to spend time doing your research. Now, go out there and get the best deals for the appliances you need.