Is your kitchen space too small for your needs? Making it feel bigger can be as easy as cake. Well, for the most part, making cake can get pretty difficult. And just because it’s hard to do, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make your kitchen stylish.

Here are a few ideas that might help make your kitchen feel more spacious than it is.

Finding The Right Cabinets

Wanna make more space but still need plenty of storage? Floor-to-ceiling kitchen storage works best since you’ll need as much use of space as possible in these situations. The best way you can implement this is by acquiring half-depth cabinetry. 

They work wonders if you need just the right amount of storage relevant to your kitchen space needs. It’s best place or build right across a wall that you won’t be occupying too much. This gives you the illusion that there’s more space than there actually is.

Plus, it helps keep your kitchen nice and tidy by having all your needs in one corner.

Just Get Rid Of Your Cabinets

If you want to go even further, you can simply get rid of all cabinetry entirely! Getting rid of wall cabinets will most definitely make your kitchen feel more spacious. Yet another trick of the eye—storing all your kitchen needs below your sightlines can be perfect.

Just make your life easier by storing everything in low-lying drawers. By implementing drawers under your countertops, you’ll find that it can even be easier than having to reach tall cabinets. It also allows for more natural light to shine into your kitchen area, giving a fresh feel to it.

Illusions Of Light And Symmetry

Playing with symmetry and lighting can greatly affect your space, much more than you’d actually think. The illusion of symmetrical cabinetry and kitchen design can also be plentifully pleasant to the eye. This is especially true for those who suffer from OCD or those who think they do.

You can’t blame them. Using deep colors in your interior design can trick you into believing that there’s more depth than there is. This is further improved by carefully placing in lighting that enhances the illusion of depth.

A great way to contrast all these dark colors is by having light-colored kitchen flooring. This also creates the illusion that there’s more floor space than you have. Putting all these into play gives you a luxurious feel to your kitchen and can be the glow-up you need.

Raising Your Kitchen Furniture

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with kitchen witchcraft, but it might as well be. Simply getting taller seats and tables can be the easiest trick we have so far. Just by changing your point of view, the sheer height of your chairs can make a difference. 

Seeing more of your kitchen floor can give you the illusion that there’s more floor than what meets the eye. Having a tall kitchen island can also be a good thing in the long run. Not having to bend down too much when grabbing your tools can be a great help to your aching back. 

It can also make it easier for you to clean the area in general.

Tidying Up Your Window Nook

If you’re fancy enough to have one of those window nooks in your kitchen, here’s an idea for you. When it comes to kitchen window nooks, less is more. Kitchen windows give you the option to make use of visual tricks.

These illusions can make everything seem wider no matter what you go with. So basically, if you want privacy and a spacy feel, you can install blinds to give the horizontal-line visual trick. And simply having more light in the room will generally always make your room look larger.

Which one’s your pick? There are so many ways to make your kitchen look wider. Just make sure to implement one that best suits your style and needs!