kitchen tiles

Are you doing some kitchen and bath remodeling? Are you deciding what tile design to use in your new home? Then continue reading because we will give you the current tile trends for your kitchen and bath.

Tiles breathe a different kind of life to your kitchen and bathroom. It gives it identity and style. Choosing the right one that resonates with your personality and preference is important because you get to see your bathroom and kitchen every day for the rest of your life.

Bland walls can be transformed into something completely different with the latest style trends. While classic tiles will never go out of style, you can try something different and make your bath and kitchen stand out. Here are the latest tile trends you can choose from:


  1. Be Colorful

With being colorful, we don’t always mean flashy. Some tile designs and colors continue to give out a peaceful and calming environment without being part of the neutral color scheme.

Check out muted shades of green, blue, yellow, and pink as they are the colors that are very trendy this year. You can choose to use one or combine the colors into a pattern. You can also go for a multi-toned color scheme.

You can choose to have the colorful tile design throughout your space or maybe just as part of your shower niche or backsplash. Nonetheless, it gives a beautiful accent to your area.


  1. Go Large

How about large tiles? Large tiles have been growing in popularity for the past years. It gives your walls and floors a sleek and modern look with fewer filling lines. It communicates boldness in your patterns, too.


  1. Get in Shape

Consider the shape of your tiles, too. Every home is different, and you’ll have to choose from a wide variety of shapes that will perfectly match your homes’ aura. Will it be shaped like a diamond, pentagon, hexagon, or a trapezoid? You can go for irregular shapes, too. Choose tiles that will best fit your space.


  1. Fake it to Make it

The advancement of technology already allows you to get a material you like without necessarily being your material. For example, digital printing technology greatly improved basic wood-look tile. It has made it even more sophisticated and beautiful.

Replication of semi-precious stones in tiles is another trend to look out for. When these two are used together in your kitchen and bath, you’ll indeed have a showstopper.


  1. Keep it Real

If you still want the real one, stones and concretes never go out of style. If you are going for an industrial look, then go for these materials. Their sleek and contemporary feel still blends perfectly with other elements in your space.


  1. A Counter Claim

Porcelain and engineered marble continue to be popular choices for kitchens and baths. These materials are durable, attractive, and versatile as they can be used anywhere. With large tile designs gaining more popularity, this design continues to be sought after by homeowners.


  1. Bring Back Fun

Do you want a bolder kitchen and bath? Then go for the whimsical, bold colors and designs. Spice up your space with some lively colors or go for a wild patterned or textured tile. Check out the terrazzo look and see if it is something that will interest you. 



When it comes to tiles, there are many options out there – from materials, colors, designs, etc. You might even drown with all the choices.

To make the right decision, you should know what you like. From there, you will be able to make choices you will be happy and comfortable with. Consider your space, consider your environment and consider what will work best for you.